Protect Your Excel Files By Converting It To PDF Using GoGoPDF

Excel Files

Our data would be more understandable when we transform our Excel files into a PDF format. In a spreadsheet, there are these mini-programs written to it, called macros. Macros are prone to have viruses that may cause errors or failures when we open, send, or save files. This is one of the reasons why we convert our spreadsheets to PDF format.

GoGoPDF platform is available online that has tools for our PDF files. Here, we could manage our PDF files for certain needs. Using this website, we could Convert, Compress, Merge, Split, Add signature, page numbers, and so on. This is a free and secured platform available for anyone. This article will show you how to convert your Excel files to PDF and other services GoGoPDF offers.

How To Convert Excel to PDF

There are different formulas and functions that Excel offers. Whether it’s for work, school, business, or personal finances, Excel is the suitable format for that. But Excel, most of the time, is hard to read and understand, especially when you are not good at analyzing data. But we can solve this problem by converting Excel to PDF.

Protect your spreadsheet from viruses by converting it into a PDF format. Using GoGoPDF, turning our Excel files into a PDF is easy and straightforward. We only have to follow their simple steps, and they will get the job done for us.

To convert Excel to PDF online, first is to select the document or file to be converted, or we can drag and drop the files to their conversion box. Choose the available option for the conversion. GoGoPDF will then scan and start the conversion process. Once done, your new PDF will be ready for download, and you could save it to your Drive or send it through email. Now, you have a virus-free file.

Convert To Other File Formats

We can also convert other formats to PDF, such as Word, PPT, JPG, and HTML. Converting these types of files makes it easier to be seen by others. Also, our documents will look professional and authoritative. And, people we send it to will only have access to viewing and could hardly be edited out by them.

Converting Word files to PDF is the same as Excel. By only selecting or dragging and dropping the file to their conversion box. Then, GoGoPDF will do the conversion for us. It will be ready


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