NFL 2022 Season Most Anticipated Matchups


With the 2022 NFL Draft completed back in April, teams are now geared up and polishing all details to reach the upcoming NFL season with dangerous lineups. This implies that teams are beginning to prepare on all fronts and considering every angle to pursue an upcoming Super Bowl appearance. 

With the official 2022 NFL Schedule released, certain games appear to be the most anticipated. So, as one checks for their next NBA odds or MLB stats at top sportsbooks such as BetUS, it’s not a bad idea to start looking at some of the top games of the upcoming NFL Season.  

Colts Visit Dallas in Week 13

Whether fans like to admit it or not, the Dallas Cowboys continue to be one of the most dominant football franchises in the league. With Dak Prescott leading the offense and top players like CeeDee Lamb, the Cowboys are expected to put on a show on December 4. 

Still, it appears that the Indianapolis Colts have also put together a serious lineup for the upcoming 2022 season. With Darius Leonard and Stephon Gilmore, the Colts have also reinforced their overall standing. In addition, with some changes on the coaching end, Indianapolis might also be expected to enter the season with some fresh ideas. 

LA Rams Head to Green Bay in Week 8

To some, it sounds like a championship game, at least for the division’s top spot. Still, the current NFL champs are heading to Green Bay to matchup against the Packers at Lambeau Field. The game will feature the reigning champs without a few top talent stars from last season’s lineup. Odell Beckham, Von Miller, and Robert Woods, are each not on the Rams roster as of right now. 

Expectations are, therefore, inclined to see how the current top team will perform without some major talent on their side. The Packers will also jump onto the field without top stars such as Davante Adams and Darius Smith. The question will remain about whether Aaron Rodgers will be enough to supply the manpower to play behind a solid offensive line. 

Chargers and Chiefs to Extend Competitive Rivalry

Having one of the youngest and best quarterbacks in the NFL still attempting to reach the top of the league, the Chargers, commanded by Justin Herbert, will keep getting chances to offset the Chiefs. The Chargers managed to defeat Kansas City in the previous season, yet it was still sufficient to remain solid and climb up in the division. 

There is no question that all eyes will remain on Patrick Mahomes and how he leads the Chiefs after winning a Super Bowl. However, with the anticipation of seeing the Chiefs once again own up to their level, most predict they are still a top seed in pursuing another Super Bowl championship. 

The Herbert versus Mahomes duel was not only one of the best in the previous season, but it could quickly become one of the most anticipated for Week 2 of the calendar. However, the Chargers will still attempt to tilt numbers in their favor against one of their closest NFL rivals. 

Bills Face Rams in Week 1

Fans might just have a chance to see one of the top games in the season’s opening week. The Buffalo Bills are set to visit the Rams and finally remind fans of what could have been a potential Super Bowl matchup. But instead, the Bills will now get the chance to face the reigning champs and prove that they have sustained their position as a top NFL team. 
As for the Rams, every game counts, especially in the opening week. Walking in as current NFL champs, the LA team will have a lot of pressure to top stats and numbers available at BetUS and prove why they currently stand as the top team in the league. To most analysts, this will be the game to look for on Week 1 and the most awaited of the upcoming season. Buy Buffalo Bills Tickets now and enjoy the thrill of seeing your favorite NFL team play live in person without having to stress about anything before kickoff. What could be more exciting than that for a Buffalo Bill fan.


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