Effective Heroin Treatments That Can Save An Addict’s Life

Heroin Treatments

Heroin addicts often stay in another world. They are too scared to face their realities. The drug gives them solace through the “high.” They conjure up their own world, which is free from responsibilities, pains, hard work, and the normal routine. Heroin users hardly want to come out of their illusionary world. 

According to Michigan drug rehab specialists, de-addicting from a drug like heroin requires serious emotional counseling, along with other therapies. Unless you don’t sort out your emotional self, you are more likely to relapse. 

That’s why it is important for a heroin addict to enroll in an in-patient rehabilitation program. An out-patient one might not do you justice, especially if you are severely addicted. You need an environment that provides you with round-the-clock sobriety and supervision. 

Most rehabs conduct two broad-based treatments for heroin addicts:

  • Medical-assisted therapy
  • Behavioral therapy

Medical-assisted therapy

The FDA has approved the use of three medications to treat heroin addicts. They are:

  • Vivitrol
  • Methadone
  • Suboxone 

These medications help people go off heroin in a safe manner. They are also more likely to maintain their sobriety. Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) is an effective and holistic approach for one’s recovery.

Behavioral therapy

Behavioral therapy is found to be effective in heroin treatment. Most rehabilitation centers feature therapists who counsel addicts, help them express their emotions, and address their issues. Most drug addictions stem from a disturbed mental state. Emotional stability is vital for sustained sobriety.

Many centers feature educational classes, art and music therapy, relapse prevention classes, meditation, journaling, group discussions, meetings, and other such treatments that help a person come out of addiction in an overall manner. 

Heroin-assisted treatment (HAT)

Heroin-assisted treatment features administering the patient with medical-grade heroin, known as diamorphine, on a regular basis to help them go off the ‘street’ heroin. 

For around 15 years, researchers have conducted Randomized Controlled Trials of HAT on 1500+ patients in different countries and the treatment shows promising results. There is no fear of overdose, as the heroin is given in a fixed dose to the individual. It is then tapered off slowly. This treatment is more suitable for severely addicted people. 

The trials have been conducted in Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, England, and Canada. 

Rehab can save a life

Never give up on an addict. If you have one in your family, call the drug addiction hotline today and ask for help. Medical intervention can save your loved one’s life. 

Addiction is a disease, and a curable one. You may have heard of ‘managing’ a disease. This is done when the disease is incurable and you must manage its symptoms for life. 

Addiction is curable. You need not ‘manage’ your drug use. You can completely go off the drug through appropriate treatment. 

Seek help from specialists who handle addiction cases daily. They can assist your loved one pick the pieces of their life and put them together again. They help addicts rebuild their lives. 

Remember, an addict needs no drugs, but a drug rehab

Show compassion and help them enroll in a suitable rehabilitation program. This can save their life.


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