Major Reasons Why the Triumph Street Triple S is the Perfect First Motorbike

Triumph Street Triple

Would you believe it if someone tells you riding motorbikes have actual health benefits? According to The Washington Note, riding motorbikes greatly benefits both your mental and physical health. A ride will allow you resistance and core training while burning some calories. Because riding a motorbike requires a vigilant mind, it leads to an improved cognitive function. 


If you are thinking of riding the motorcycle as a hobby and unsure what type to buy, continue reading to see the major reasons why triumph street triple s is the perfect first motorbike for you.


It has a sleek design

While the Triple S is listed as an entry-level bike, you can be certain of how it doesn’t look like one! With its ultra-white and glossy bodywork, the Street Triple S, without fail, would stand among the other entry-level motorbikes. 


Furthermore, the new Street Triple S now includes a beast-like fly screen and more adjustable newly designed mirrors. When maintained properly, from its engine to its new and more cornered-line bodywork and its twin low energy consuming LED headlights, you can rely on it to stay polished and function flawlessly for a long time to come. 


It has high-quality tyres and great brakes

Because safety should always be a priority, the premium Pirelli Diablo Rosso III tyres offer a great grip and amazing durability for an unfailing performance regardless of the weather. The Nissin 2-piston callipers allow your Street Triple S to have strong braking power. 


There are inevitable times where unforgiving weather conditions would appear. That is why the Street Triple S is built with two riding modes–Road and Rain–which is another great feature since it gives you more control. 


It has great capacity and outstanding specifications

A beginner with a licence of one or a rider with a restricted licence is allowed to ride a LAMS-approved motorbike. The triumph street triple s, with a remarkable triple engine capacity of 660cc, is a LAMS (Learner Approved Motorcycle Scheme) bike, which means its engine complies with the rules and regulations of the government to allow riders to have a great ride while ensuring appropriate engine capacity based on the level of the rider’s experience.

Moreover, the newly updated exhaust now boasts to remit a more profound and deeper roar on acceleration.


If, after some time, you think you are ready to take your ride to the next level, and you want to upgrade your ride, you are expected to undergo a process. When you finally get your full licence and have the restrictor removed, you are legally obliged to have your motorbike recertified to make it a full-licence motorbike. 


During the process, you are supposed to take your bike to the local inspector near you, fill up required paperwork, and have it changed in your government’s system. After that, your motorbike is no longer a LAMS bike, and you are supposed to be more responsible in abiding by your government’s rules and regulations–that includes having the appropriate license that goes with the maintenance of your bike’s condition to meet the standards of the government, for your protection, and the safety of all the people around you.


In conclusion, you got to believe that the Street Triple S is more than meets the eye. Because of all the specific details, from its remarkable performance to its high-quality build, having this as your everyday entry-level bike would surely allow your ride to be an extraordinary experience.


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