3 Ways To Infuse Protein Powders in Daily Diets

Protein Powders

Who needs protein? Why is it so popular in current diet trends? Protein is a macronutrient that keeps the body’s immune system functioning properly. It also aids in hormone production. More commonly known, protein is a necessary part of everyone’s body to build, maintain, and repair cells and tissues. To maximise this, people need to search for the best protein powder for their body’s needs. 


People who do intense workout regularly and live a demanding active lifestyle, such as athletes, require more protein in their bodies. That is why when people hear “protein powder,” more often than not, they associate it with bodybuilders lifting heavy weights or health-conscious individuals who follow a strict diet. However, with the appropriate amount, everyone can benefit from adding protein powder into their daily nourishment. 


How Much Protein Powder do People Need?


Finding the best protein powder can be challenging at first. To maximise its effects, one needs to consult with a dietitian and nutritionist because several considerations are considered. 


Depending on one’s age, gender, health, and activity levels, the amount of protein intake may vary. For example, a 150-pound person who exercises regularly but not intensely will need around 54 grams of protein each day, while someone who weighs heavier will need more. 


People who work out intending to build muscle will require more protein that is greatly influenced by their biology and daily activities. Often, they drink protein shakes before and after a trip to the gym to obtain maximum results, which means the more protein they take, the more benefits they reap from it. But like everything in life, protein should be indulged in moderation. 


Recipes to Try with Protein Powders


Of course, more creative and delicious recipes incorporate protein powders rather than just protein shakes. Maintaining a clean and healthy diet doesn’t have to be bland. There are various healthy alternatives available in the market. Whether someone is a professional or an amateur cook, these recipes are easy to make at home. 



  • Protein Rice Krispies: With a tub of peanut butter, a box of rice crispies, and a scoop of the best protein powder, anyone can create this delicious treat. It cuts down on sugar and is gluten-free. Peanut butter is a good substitute for marshmallows that adds that extra dose of protein.




  • Molten Lava Cake: perfect for chocolate lovers everywhere, the molten lava cake is filled with decadent chocolate goodness with fewer fats and more grams of protein. It’s easy enough to bake, and the best part is, no oven is required. This dessert is completely fast and easy to make with a microwave at the ready. 




  • Protein Pizza: Isn’t it unfortunate that pizza is considered a cheat meal? Health-conscious individuals are deprived of such an incredible dish. But what if there’s an alternative? By substituting the normal carb-full crust with a gluten-free dough, there’s no need to feel guilty for every slice of pizza. This recipe is nutritious and full of protein that can be eaten any day of the week, so there’s no need to wait for a cheat day to satisfy that pizza craving.



Health Benefits of Protein Powders


Incorporating protein into everyone’s diet proves to be beneficial to the body. One of which is that it aids in weight management. Regularly eating protein rich-food and supplements make people feel fuller faster. Doing so enables people to eat smaller portions and prevents them from binge eating.


Another more widely-known benefit of protein powder is muscle growth. It is the building block of the body’s bones and muscles. With proper exercise and the right amount of protein, it is easier to bulk up and get strong.


With these and more, infusing the best protein powder in everyone’s diet has its advantages. To make the most of it, one must know their body’s needs and what they want their bodies to become. On this road to a healthier lifestyle, the first step is always awareness. 


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