List of Online Platforms Where You Can Use Astropay for Payments


The fintech industry is an ever-booming space. According to online resources, by 2027, the value of fintech is projected to hit $382million. With this enormous industry comes the need for frequent innovations to keep up with the demands of the digital ecosystem. One of such recent innovations is Astropay, which tries to bridge the gap of online transactions in some local communities. In this article, you will learn about the following:

  • What is Astropay?
  • Why you should consider Astropay
  • Sites that Accepts Astropay
  • Cons of using Astropay
  • How to use Astropay

What is Astropay?

Astropay represents inclusiveness for those that might not have the opportunity to share in the delight of online transactions. It is a platform where people in smaller markets who are not covered by popular online payment gateway can deposit. Rather than being cut off from the fintech world, Astropay serves as an umbrella for people in this category and creates a fund deposit easy and fast for them.

It comes with a virtual card called an Astropay card. You can use it as a debit card for various online transactions, including betting and purchasing items online only that you cannot withdraw with the card.

Why you Should Consider Astropay

Astropay offers a lot of benefits to its users. It’s well-tailored to the financial needs of the regular online user. One of their top features is the anonymity and security the Astropay platform guarantees. Once you have registered for Astropay, you no longer have to input your details on every site you come across. This shields you from fraudulent sites that could steal your money from your bank account.

Being a platform that aims for inclusiveness for all, Astropay allows you to choose from a wide range of deposit options. From the common ones like Mastercard and Visa to modern deposit options like cryptocurrency and traditional bank transfer methods, Astropay ensures a seat for everyone at the table.

Their services are also reliable and affordable. They do not take a commission for deposits, and their rates for transactions are affordable. Despite this, you can still rely on fast delivery of services and smooth operation. They also have apps that you can easily install on your phone to enjoy their services at your fingertips.

Platforms that Accept Astropay

Since Astropay launched their operations in 2009, they have not been accepted by all online stores. The good news is that you can be assured that the stores that accept Astropay are following recent industry development and standards. You can also use Astropay to judge the vendors that know their onions and those that do not. Some of the platforms that accept Astropay include:


GoDaddy is a domain hosting platform, and they are one of the few that accept Astropay; you can buy your WordPress domain for your blogs or businesses using your Astropay card. Apart from this, you can also get other online services like cybersecurity from the platform. 

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BetUS also accepts Astropay, which should not be surprising, being that they are one of the best horse racing betting sites out there. With their whopping 125% sign up bonus, they are a site to check out if you are into online betting. 

TVC Mall 

TVC Mall is the home for assorted accessories for your gadgets. If you need to augment your smartphone in any way, be it an Android or Apple device, you can always check them out. Another perk they give their new customers is a bonus coupon. You can use your Astropay card on their platform to buy these accessories. 

Some Bitcoin platforms also accept Astropay as a means of deposit. Examples of such include, Bitex and Paxful. Their services could be peer-to-peer, or they could be sellers of Bitcoin. All you need is to make a deposit to your Astropay account and undergo the necessary verification required. Charges on each service are made depending on the volume of the transaction. 

There are several other platforms out there on the internet that accept Astropay. All you need to do is find which of them offers the service you need. If you need betting sites, you can check these tips on some betting sites accepting Astropay. In addition, the site has expert punters such as Kate Richardson that write informative reviews; look here to see her profile.

Cons of Using Astropay

Unfortunately, the world is yet to see a perfect platform for everyone. As a result, Astropay also has its share of some disadvantages.

The major one is the inability to withdraw money via the platform. This liability makes it look like a one-way ticket. You can reuse Astropay as long as you keep it funded, but it does not give the luxury of withdrawing as simple as you can deposit. Though you can bypass this with a bank app/web, it is limited and might take days to reflect.

Another trade-off of using Astropay is that it is not available in all countries, particularly for sports sites in Bangladesh, which you can see by going to Their target audience is South America, but they also serve a few countries in Asia and Africa.

How to Use Astropay

Before you can use Astropay, you will have to register on their site. After registration, you can then buy the unit of Astropay card you want. Payment for this can be done using various methods like bitcoin, local banks or MasterCard.

Once you have funded your Astropay card, it is safe to proceed to your favorite online vendor that accepts Astropay. Select Astropay card among the options given. You will need to input your card number and the CVV and expiry date, just like a regular card. Then, click on deposit and wait for the status confirmation of your transaction.

As the terrain of online transactions keeps evolving, you should constantly keep yourself informed by following current trends. This will ensure you have access to platforms that will give you an edge in terms of diversity and, at the same time, gives you an overall satisfying experience.


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