Leather Jacket: Women’s Wardrobe Year-round Staple

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No matter where you turn your head for quick inspiration, one wardrobe staple – leather jackets, have successfully taken over the women’s collection! Counting in all the well-known celebrities and low-key bloggers, this trend is seen on most of the pages and feeds. To conclude, in a nutshell, it is time you buy more than a single leather top-layer! 

Take all the inspiration you need from this simple guide covering almost all styles and designs (currently in) leather jackets! 

Quilted for a change! 

Once you decide to get a leather jacket, do not think that the task is near done yet. While these top-layers are smart and cunning and bombers are considered too cozy, there is only one option left that lets you have the best from both of these. A quilted leather jacket offers a middle ground where an amalgam of casual and formal exists. 

Typically fancier than your homey alternatives and more comfortable to carry when compared to cut-throat options, these jackets come with a smart pattern on top that makes them unique, among others. Since many of us are lured in by the appeal of comfort and ease these days, quilted jackets offer the level of luxury most of the other jackets fail to provide. 

If you think a black quilted top-layer is a gem, then you should check out a brown one, these are stellar pieces if you know how to rock them in the right way. If you have doubts that your boots might look a bit too much, then always keep a spot on brown leather top-layer for them!

Another perk of the brown palette matches more shades vibrantly than a black one does – when considering daytime hours. It has a lighter hue that works well in avoiding stares you get with a full back outfit (since grocery runs rarely require a kickass outfit). 

Basic yet beautiful! 

When you talk about basic designs, women more than men avoid participating in stereotypes. They desire changes and varieties in their everyday routine, including simple fashion. Since formal is for selective eves only, you cannot blame them for wanting an edgy look the rest of the time. 

Leather jackets offer flexibility that is rarely found in any other piece of clothing. For instance, you can pair a basic black vintage piece with an equally ravishing short dress with flares and ruffles to achieve an everyday style that screams charisma and sass! At the same time, you can pull off that same plain jacket with a red tee and ripped jeggings for a chic look fitting for wild concert night. 

The quality of being tamed and left wild resides only this magical top-layer that is always there to save the day. For men, it is a treasure they should hold very dear. From saving their repeatedly worn the same t-shirt to giving them an intense, rugged touch, a basic look has done more for our outstanding fashion than fancy could ever do! 

Another perk of this style is that it requires bare minimum planning and accessories. You can any footwear option including:

  • Long Boots with a killer stance 
  • Chelsea Boots for a city boy look
  • Loafers to tame things down
  • Trainers to win at the streets 

High fashion top-layer! 

Your trendy attires only sit with well with the others if they possess extraordinary charm. If they are the same mainstream attires, you can say goodbye to the uniqueness you have always craved. Specially the divas who invest their time planning and laying out their outfits a night before their big days, it is highly important to check if it is welcomed in the high fashion category. 

Sometimes all you need is a top-layer to bring on the magic of a dapper outfit. From magazines to billboards, outerwear is given their due share as they maximize the look without overkilling it. Whether it is spring or fall, the variety in this article covers all seasons easily. 

To say that it is only accommodated in high fashion would be an understatement. The majority of the attires (casual and semi-formal) are completed only when punctuating them with good jackets. Once you get the gist of how important these top-notch jackets are, you will pair them more often.

From faux leather made to vegan leather crafted, outer leather wears are a necessary staple in both women and men’s wardrobe. To make sure you do not go stumbling down the hill, keep up with the trend of contemporary jackets to learn to better style your carefully laid out outfits! 

Pair with plaids! 

Why go with the brooding look of a rugged leather jacket always? There are many fun and playful ways of carrying your kickass top-layer than just choosing the only white plain t-shirts you have collected over the years. Give it an artistic touch by mixing some plaids in your outfit. A red plaid flannel boyfriend shirt with one of the high end quilted leather jackets women desire works in harmony to give you a cool panache. 

Black leather pants are an outfit savior in terms of their incredible versatility. There are only a handful of articles these rock star pants do not work with. Your super stylish looks demand an excellent pairing that only comes when you pay attention to the footwear. After all, shoes have held power to make or break your whole get-up. 

As rare as it sounds, an all-navy ensemble is hard to miss. After an all-black outfit, few colors go hand in hand with their shades. Navy is one of those above-average shades that look beyond amazing even compared to its own family of colors. This pairing best stands with some playful plaids to make it an evenly matched outfit. Skinny jeans, knee-high boots, and an extra boost of confidence is enough to pull it off. 


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