Interesting Places To Travel Around Leeds


Leeds is a beautiful, highly populated city that is located in West Yorkshire county in the country of England. It is truly the beating heart and soul of West Yorkshire in a number of ways. Although it is often not the first British city that people think of visiting, London may come up first due to its notoriety, Leeds is an excellent day trip or overnight leisure option due to its rich cultural heritage and modern amenities and activities. If you have been to Leeds, you know just how amazing this city truly is. If not, then you should start planning your trip right away! Here are some of the best places to travel around Leeds.

Victoria Gate Shopping Centre

This amazing, intricate and beautiful shopping mall location can be found in the city centre of Leeds. It really is the center piece for the entire city, as it connects older, more segmented market places all together with a lot of space for parking and a wide variety of shops. It has the appeal and luxury that cruise packages offer to a vacationer with all of the excitement of a shopping spree matched with a history of the city and beautiful stained glass ceilings to boot! This is an absolute must visit spot during your time in Leeds.

Leeds City Museum

This is a fun, free option if you want to learn some more about the history and culture of Leeds and Yorkshire. The museum also hosts a number of interesting items, such as Hellenistic tomb doors from Greece, a mummy and beautiful Anglo-Saxon rings. As a plus, the third floor is a gallery that hosts rotating exhibits. You are always going to find something new and intriguing in this beautiful building.

Leeds Art Gallery

If you are looking to wake up your inner artists while visiting Leeds, then this is the place for you. The Leeds Art Gallery is located in the city centre and owns a number of beautiful classic paintings worth seeing. They also host art classes for anyone who wants to try their hand at some artistic creations! You could make a full day out of visiting the museum, admiring all of the paintings, taking an art class and then grabbing some food nearby.

The Headrow

The Headrow is a general area in the city of Leeds that extends throughout the city as an avenue that is home to some of the most celebrated places in the city. It is home to the civic buildings of Leeds, such as the Town Hall and the Library, as well as the Leeds Art Gallery. The Light, which is a building that hosts a cinema, a nice hotel, shops and restaurants, is also located in the Headrow.

St. John’s Church

St. John’s Church is a historic and beautiful church that is a must see if you are a history, culture or architecture buff. This church poses some beautiful architectural carvings and details that are hard to find anywhere else.

Harewood House

While there are a multitude of historic homes in the United Kingdom, Harewood House is one of the neatest ones and is located fairly close to the city centre of Leeds. It was originally built for a Baron and is now the film set for a popular period drama and is a wonderful green space with Victorian architecture and interior design that anyone can visit and enjoy.

Roundhay Park

If you are more of an outdoorsy visitor, then you should head over to Roundhay Park. Roundhay is actually one of the biggest outdoor parks in all of Europe! It includes greenery, lakes, woods and more. This is the perfect spot to get out for a beautiful walk, a nice run or a picnic and some outdoor time.

Leeds is an up and coming city in the United Kingdom that has a lot to offer to anyone who chooses to visit here. You can engage in the hustle and bustle of the big city scene, or you can take a chill pill and stroll through some beautiful historic places. Either way, you are guaranteed a fun time in this lovely city!


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