Google Advertising Services

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Google is the leading online advertising company in Australia, so most businesses are interested in using Google advertising for increasing leads generated or their online sales. However, unlike offline advertising, especially print advertising, the process of online advertising to get the best results is fairly complex. If a business is not familiar with online advertising or does not have the resources in-house, they could lose a large amount of money by bidding too high or not monitoring the results. Hence most businesses prefer to hire a specialized agency for Google advertising services, so that they can get the maximum number of leads and orders.

Pay per click (PPC)

PPC advertising is the most popular online advertising method for most businesses since the business only has to pay for the visitors who actually click on the ad and visit the website. Google adwords has evolved over a period of time and includes a large number of features, which help the advertiser track the visitor better, so that he can optimize the website, and get the best possible results. It is important to bid correctly for Google adwords and monitor the conversion rate closely to avoid wasting money, and get the best results possible. The agency will also write suitable ad copy and help choose the right keywords.

Display advertising

Though initially PPC advertising was popular, at present Display advertising is used more extensively since the advertiser can combine both branding with leads. Google display ads are shown to more than 80% of the internet users worldwide, since they are displayed on most of the largest websites like Youtube and gmail. The advertising agency will handle all aspects of the display advertising working closely with the client. The agency will do extensive research on the business, brand and the products which it is selling, to develop suitable display ads which will give high conversion rates.

After considering the profile of the potential customer for the business, the agency will decide the right websites for displaying the ad. It will also closely monitor the effectiveness of the advertisement, the click through and conversion rate using Google analytics data . In case the conversion rate is lower than expected, the agency will review the ad copy as well as the design of the website, and make changes if necessary. The agency will also determine the websites which give the highest conversion rate for their client, and try to ensure that the advertising is shown more often

Other features

Google advertising also includes other features like retargeting which are extremely effective in increasing the conversion rate for the business. Many times the customer clicking on the Google ad for the first time does not generate a lead or order, since he may be just collecting information before making a decision. Using retargeting has helped many businesses achieve a conversion rate of up to 70%. The ad agency will also manage the retargeting strategy for the business, showing different ads and using other landing pages, if required, to increase the number of leads and orders.


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