Important Changes in Student Visa 500 Which Applicants Must Know Exploring the Australian Region

Must Know Exploring the Australian Region
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The picturesque beauty and the varied growth opportunities being availed by the Australian economy attracts a majority of individuals to move to the arena. Do you too have a dream to study in the region? Affirmative! Then come across the varied considerations required to reach the place for study. Merely, the region serves overseas students with world-class education using the latest tools & study techniques.

So, here are the essentials for having the registration for getting enrolled in the globally recognized institutes in Australia. The first and most important requirement rests with attaining the student visa. Here, the student visa subclass 500 will play a vital role in the scenario. It is all because the major aim of the visa rests with permitting the international students to undergo full-time education and training in the Australian region. The visa will thus enable the students to stay in the region for just the time duration of the course completion. Though, the requirement rests with proving the Department of the Home Affairs regarding your satisfaction with the requirements of the Australian Student Visa. You can also consult the Migration Consultant Adelaide if facing any of the issues in the process.

  • The major step in the scenario rests with having the application in any of the institutions or schools in the region to show the Confirmation of the Enrollment. Without grabbing this you cannot apply for the Student Subclass 500 Visa Links to an external site.
  • You are required to create your account with the Australian Immigration Authorities before having the application of the online visa form. Undergo the considerations and avail of the department with your personal details.
  • While creating the online Immigration portal, it is too necessary to have the digital format of the documents which will be registered with the authorities. The essential documents for the same will have the inclusion of your temporary stay proof, valid passport, proof of the previous employment, etc.
  • After having all the documentation in the digitized format, you can apply for the student visa subclass 500 before 124 days of the commencement based on your applied course. It too includes the details of the course based on the education sector. Thus, your family and personal details will be also included in the section.
  • After filling up the details in the application, have the submission of the application along with the fee. After having the submission, you will be given the TRN no. which will avail you of the status of the application form.
  • Undergo the required health check-up followed by an interview. It is like that after qualifying all the essentials, your TRN no. will instruct you about the health checkups which are needed to be considered by you.
  • Once you grab your grant letter, you can easily move to Australia just before 90 days of your course commencement as being mentioned on the CoE. The institute in which you are enrolled is also required to be given the information with respect to the accommodation details within 7 days of your arrival to Australia.
  • You may too have the extension of around 30 days stay in the region after having the completion of your course study. Over and all, it is required that you must abide by all the essential criteria of the visa application.

Changes to the Student Visa (Subclass 500)

Merely, the student visa program was designed to avail flexibility to the genuine students to have proper navigation and application of the student visa. Here are mentioned several changes made in the Student Visa 500.

For the Current visa holders;

  • After 1 July 2016, if you are among the current visa holder with subclass 570 to 576, you will have the same visa and to have the validity for the same.
  • Those family members who are coming to the region to join the student visa holder (subclass 570 to 576) are required to apply for the student visa subclass 500.

For new student visa aspirants;

  • Having the startup from 1 July 2016, the visa aspirants could only apply for only one student visa for processing the study in Australia. It would be all done regardless of your field of study.
  • If you are the guardian of any student, you will have the application for the Student Guardian Visa (Subclass 590).
  • Through the online mode of application, there could be easily done the lodging for the guardians and students. It could be all done by their accounts on the immigration websites.

Updated Requirements for Student Visa (Subclass 500)

As per the new changes introduced in the Visa 500, the previous assessment level based frameworks will be replaced with the single immigration risk framework. Thus, the application of the same is meant for overseas students. The new program has too introduced the guide for the documentary evidence. This will be required in the English language and the financial capacity will be combined with the immigration risk of the country. It is thus based on the aspect where the student has citizenship and the education provider.

Having the use of the online client service tool, the students can easily get the required details which are required for the documentation and the evidence which can be put with the visa application by using the tool which is fully available starting from 1 July 2016 and required to be used after or before having the application.

If you require any other information with respect to the student visa subclass 500 or the changes being made in it, you may feel free to have words with our experienced Migration Agent Adelaide. We possess a team of professionals who have core knowledge of the industry and could easily update you with the latest standards being declared by the Department of Home affairs. Thus, our team of skilled Migration Agents will feel much gratitude to assist you as and when needed.


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