How useful are NCERT important questions for CBSE exams?

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Students want to know the important questions once they complete the syllabus. The important questions help the students the type of questions from each chapter that likely will come in the exam. If the preparations are well done they can answer any questions with full confidence. The NCERT Solutions have all the important questions of each subject and chapter wise. The important questions are all well designed and selected for the possibility of each appearing in the exam. These are curated extensively by well-experienced professionals who have a deep knowledge of the subject. The preparation of these important questions make the students more confident and have positivity within them. The CBSE question paper is all set from the NCERT syllabus so the reliability is more studying through these solutions.

Benefit studying from the NCERT Solutions.

NCERT important questions in the Solutions are curated in the best way to make the students’ preparations easy for the exam. The explanation and the summaries of each chapter or the poem are very easy to understand.

The language used in the answers and the explanation is very simple. This makes understanding much easier and simpler. The extra questions and the practise exercise are the added advantage for the students to make the practice more proper and perfect.

The important questions from each chapter help the students to be thorough in the preparation and also they will be more positive in facing their exam as these questions which are given in the NCERT Solutions are the questions which have been coming in the exam in all the previous year. The Possibility of these questions appearing in the current year is more.

The NCERT Solutions are designed as the latest syllabus of the CBSE curriculum which the students can prepare without any confusion. The Solutions and the textbook if properly and thoroughly studied is more than enough to have a proper grip of the subjects.

The sample papers given are useful for the students to practise the paper for their speed and accuracy. This helps in the development of writing skills and the proper way to present the answers.

Students get all the questions and the solutions in a single platform so it becomes really easy instead of having more reference books which could create just confusion.

Some complicated questions are explained in simple steps making the students have a clear concept of the subject.

The “Exemplar Problems” in the subjects helps the students very well to prepare with logical thinking and adopt the techniques in solving the problems.

The self-assessment given in the solutions helps the students to know the level of their preparation Which gives them more confidence and the motivation to improve in their weak points.

We can say that the NCERT text and the solutions if thoroughly prepared, students need not refer to any other books. 

Study Strategy 

Having the proper study material is not enough unless and until the proper plan of the study is done and actioned. Check the syllabus and the number of days needed to complete it. This is very important while making a study plan as you have to keep sufficient time for revision.

Following the study plan

Making a study plan is very important and most importantly is to follow the same, unless you follow a schedule you cannot complete it. The last moment of studying is just a hassle and you cannot have any productive results. Moreover, even if you put long hours in the study sessions you won’t be able to take it or understand. You will not even remember what you have studied.

So make study fun and stress-free. Enjoy your studies as you enjoy the free time or you go out for any entertainment. The studies become boring when you are not planned or you give long hours for a single subject.

Decide the number of subjects and the chapter you will do each day. Once you have planned this just calculate the time required for each. For example, if you are taking 2 hours for each subject then divide the sessions into two and take a break. This is the best method to keep yourself motivated and also interesting.

Preparing the notes

Some students think that what is the need for preparing the notes as everything is in the books or the NCERT Solutions so why again the effort to write?

This is because when you write, you are learning too. When you make a note of important topics or any questions the image of your notebook and the page where you have written gets captured in your mind. This will make you remember more easily rather than remembering from the textbook.

The textbook has everything. It is not possible to go through every day. You will not have the time left. Your notes will help you to revise all the important aspects of the subject and when you are revising the notes you will remember the contents related to these topics. So make sure not to skip the preparation of the notes.

Quick Revision

Revision is very important. Can you go through all the chapters every day of all subjects? No, it is not possible. Your notes will have all the important points and can help you to quickly revise all the contents and in less time. This way you will not be affected to concentrate on other subjects. The important questions can be revised every day. Any additional questions if you come across make a note in the same section This way you will have all the important questions in a single section making it easier for you to prepare or revise the same.

Practising the sample papers.

The previous year’s question paper and the sample questions paper of each subject is given in the NCERT solution. Once you have completed the syllabus practise the paper keeping track of completion of the same. This will give the exact idea of answering the paper.

These simple, yet effective tips will be helpful for the preparation of the exams. All the best.


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