How To: Style Your Bed Like a Pro


Decorating a room is an art, and all you need is a creative mind and a few things to make your bedroom look like a replica of a beautiful abode. While running through the videos on Instagram or reels, you will come across many feeds that show such picturesque bedrooms that appear as if something unreal has transformed into a reality. A warm, cozy and beautiful bedroom can make you feel relaxed. We have tried to curate a few tips that will help you style your bedroom into one that is worth showcasing on Instagram.

Let’s get started

1.  Start with the bedspread-

begin with the bedspread that can transform the complete look of the room.  So, you must choose the right bedspread. There are umpteen options available to choose from. Make sure that the choice that you are making is in sync with your room interiors. The right kind of bedspread can add a feel-good element into your room and create—a strong focal point. 

2.  Warm-up with a blanket, duvets, and throws

Adding a layer of a blanket, comforter, or duvet is always a good idea. Nowadays, you have the option of choosing from an array of duvet sets and comforters, etc. And, if you want to add a style statement to your bed, don’t miss to add throws. Do not get confused between blankets and throws. There is a difference between throw and blanket. Throws are usually styling elements for beds. Unlike blankets, you don’t need to fold throws and arrange them, and these can be draped at the corner of your bed.

3. Add some layering-

Well, you can never go wrong with this. Adding layers of pillows and cushions gives a dramatic appeal to the bed. Moreover, it induces a sense of warmth and comfort. Our recommendation is to create a mix of colors to give it a glamorous twist. You can choose satin, velvet, or silk cushion covers to give your room a royal touch. And if you want to keep it simple and classy, then opt for cotton cushion covers. 

4.  Add height with cushions-

If your bed does not have a headboard, it is always good to add some height with cushions to it to make it look more attractive. What else you can do is add some pillows to it. This will also style up your room. To create a more remarkable element, you can add a mix of two European square pillows. 

5. Choose the right color theme

It is an important element of your bedroom décor. To make your bed more decorative and stylish, you must choose the color and patterns aptly. For example, floral prints add more tropical vibes to your room, and if you want to keep it simple and bold, choose a mix of solid bed sheets with printed pillowcases. 


Decking up your bed will make your bedroom a royal affair. Well, it is not really hard to create your own theme and style up your bed. You just need to be a bit creative and your goal must be to make your bed look stylish and beautiful.


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