How to become the master of calculating the square root?


 The square root of any kind of number is considered to be the value which on multiplication by itself will help in providing the people with the original number. Suppose X is the square root of Y then The relationship can be displayed as X square is equal to Y or X is equal to Y under the root. Under the root is the radical symbol that has been perfectly used by the people in terms of representing the root of the numbers. The positive number when it will be multiplied by itself will be representing the square of the number at the square root of the square of a positive number will always give the original number in the whole process. For example, three Squares will be nine and nine under the root will be three. Since nine is a perfect square people can very easily find out its answer without any kind of problem but on the other hand, whenever the number is imperfect it becomes quite difficult to find out the square root in the whole process.

 Following are the basic properties of the square root function:

  1. If a number is the perfect square number, then there will be existing a perfect square root as well.
  2. If a number ends with an even number of zeros then it can have a square root
  3. The two square root values can be multiplied for example root three into root two will result out to be Root 6
  4. If 2 same square roots will be multiplied the results should be a radical number it will make sure that result will be a non-square root number. For example, root seven multiplied by root seven will always result in only seven.
  5. If the square root of any negative numbers has to be calculated then the people need to remember that it will not be defined because a perfect square cannot be negative.
  6. If a number is ending with digits like two, three, seven and eight in the unit digit that the perfect square will never exist
  7. If a number ends with one, four, five, six or nine into the unit digit then the number will have a square root.
  8. It is very much vital for people to be clear about the concept of perfect squares so that there is no problem at any point in time and further being clear about the entire process of calculating the square root is another very important aspect to be taken into consideration by the people. 
  9. People can always go with the option of implementing the square root by prime factorisation method or one can also depend upon the square root by long division method in the whole process of calculating it. 
  10. The square root of decimal is also possible but the people need to be clear about the entire process very easily. 

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