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Background Remover
Background Remover

Imgkits is an amazing online website where you can change, remove or replace the background of a picture along with photo restoration. The background remover of this website is so efficient that you don’t need to identify or give a command to change the background. Background remover independently identifies the background of a picture along with the main focus and hence processes accordingly. 

Along with changing and removing background Imgkits website can also add, remove and replace the colors of the background picture according to your desire. 

What is the need of replacing the sky in a photograph?

Due to the advancement of science and technology different tools are available in the photography market. You can easily take a picture in the present area and the easiest ways are available than ever before. You just need to press a button and different filters will apply effects and makeup according to your taste. Sometimes it is not enough to just change the filter or put on makeup in case you are using your picture for professional purposes. In such scenarios, you need to have a better background and photo editor that will change it more decently and acceptably.

If you face a problem that you have taken a picture in an emotional mood but the colors on the sky and clouds do not resemble your photo emotions. In such scenarios, you need to replace the sky to upload the picture on any social media website. The problem which you are facing is that you cannot afford paid tools. The best solution is This website will contain all the editing tools and is working free for online users.


If you are a fresh entrepreneur and you are setting up your official website for online customer attraction. You need to upload some of the eye-catching and attention-grabbing photographs of your business work so that the customers will start giving attention. In your business photographs, you came to know that a wandering bird or a kid’s kite or ball has just ruined it. In such situations, people tend to move towards online photo editors to replace the sky to look a photograph more mature and stable. 

Which people are mainly concerned about replacing the sky?

Due to advancements in the international market people are more concerned about accuracy and preciseness. Online trading mainly depends on the picture of the product as the visuals that attract more will sell more. Because of this reason, the business community hires higher experts and expensive professional photographers for the online visuals and photographs of their business. Imgkits is the best option for young entrepreneurs with a fresh startup and low budget.

Mainly actors or the people who are concerned with the fashion industry mainly focus on the sky along with the background of an image. Such people always want to look attractive to increase their fan following. In this way keep on editing and removing all the errors to make a picture complete and flawless. The photography business is increasing day by day and photographers are giving great competition to one another. 

As such competition required better editing tools with fewer distractions in a photograph. Hence people belonging to both of the communities of fashion or photography can gain assistance from Imgkits background remover.

How to use background remover to replace the sky?

Imgkits is considered a savior if we talk about the background removal of photographs. Using a background remover a person can replace the background of the sky with transparent or can change the color of the sky. It automatically identifies the main focus of the image and hence determines the sky or the background for removal. 

A user can also portrait photos using the background remover tool of Imgkits. In this feature, the present background of a photo is easily removed and a solid color sky or background is replaced with the previous one. If you want to replace the sky present in your photograph then certain specific steps are needed to follow. The steps that are required to replace the sky and background are given below:

Upload an image

The first thing that you need to do is to open up the Google browser on a personal computer. Now move towards the Imgkits website by typing in the search bar. Now different tools will appear on the screen along with their application and before and after comparison. At that point, you need to upload the photograph which you want to edit using Imgkits tools. Select the option of uploading an image and then move towards the gallery of your device. Now select the desired image and upload it to the website.


After uploading an image on Imgkits you need to select the desired tool for your photograph. Different tools would be present and you need to select whether you want to use an inpaint or a background remover or photo resolution. To replace sky select the option of ‘background remover’. Because of the auto Keying function present in the background remover of the website it will automatically determine the main focus or the background of the image. After selecting the tool you need to wait for 3 to 5 seconds for the complete processing of the tool on the photograph.

Background adjustment

After 3-5 seconds you will get an image with a replaced sky according to your desire. Now you can also adjust the color, brightness, focus, and clarity of the image by using different tools present on the screen. When you are done with the adjustment of the sky present in the background and the main focus of the image you need to move further. 

Select the ‘Download’ button present on the screen which is the confirmation sign that you are done with photo editing using background remover on Imgkits. You can also save the image on your device by selecting the location of the image. The image would be saved on the device in PNG format and you can change the format using a third-party application.


If you want to change or remove the background or we can say the sky of an image then Imgkits will help you in this regard. As you don’t need to install or download the features and tools of Imgkits rather you just need to open up the Google browser and move towards the Imgkits website. On the website, you can use any online tool specifically sky remover or background remover. 

Imgkits save a lot of time for the user in searching and editing while comfort and convenience are also given to the user by saving money from extra paid tools. After replacing the background sky of an image a person can save, download or share the image in the form of a PNG file. Now the images can be used for e-commerce as well as for promotion on Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, or any other website.


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