Being a Blogger on Instagram

Being a Blogger on Instagram
Being a Blogger on Instagram

It is a fact that; social networks are at the center of our lives and without them, our days are not over. A constant desire to share and control is inevitable. Instagram is a really awesome platform, where we can now learn about many things other than sharing photos and videos, discover, give advice and give advice, keep up to date about various discounts and sweepstakes, and follow the celebrities we love and their lives closely. Those who want to use this awesome platform other than just sharing photos and videos can take this job to a different dimension as a blogger. In this article, we want to talk about what it is like to be a Blogger on Instagram, how to do it and what are its subtleties.

On Instagram, we can say that Blogger means people who promote products in various fields, offer their own recommendations and suggestions about them, and give us information about this subject. But first of all, you have to decide in which field you want to be a blogger. We can say that the makeup and beauty bloggers that we have come across the most on Instagram recently. To become a Blogger, of course, you need to have enough followers. For this purpose you can buy 10,000 Instagram followers from a trusted service provider to rock on Instagram even in the beginning. It is important to present your information and advice about the products with effective photos taken with various makeup materials on your page. Apart from this, it is also possible to gather more followers with the videos you take while applying makeup on your own face with makeup materials.

To become a blogger, you must have sufficient information about the products. You should share your experiences, recommendations, positive and negative information that you have gained based on yourself, with your followers. You should make new product discoveries and keep your page always up to date. It is very important that the photos you share are interesting. If you just take a picture of the product and upload it, it will have a negative impact on followers. You can make an effective sharing by decorating your photo with various objects. Respond to the comments made to you as much as possible, in a friendly and fast manner, and ensure that your followers interact with you.

Of course, it is entirely up to you in which area you want to be a blogger. If you want, you can be a blogger about fashion, decoration, recipe and places to visit. The important thing is to provide information, advice and suggestions in the area where you have the most knowledge.

Instagram’s New App Direct

Instagram is a platform where photos and videos are shared. But we can say that the content is much more. It is essentially in an area where we can connect with the people we follow. Apart from commenting and communicating with your followers, it is also possible to send private messages to people through the Direct message section of the Instagram. A recent news coming to our ears recently is that Instagram’s New App will be Direct. Now you will say Direct already exists on Instagram. But the situation is different. Instagram, purchased by Facebook, is in constant development and change. With its renewed face, add-ons and features, it has become more usable and fun than before.

If we recall; Before, while the Facebook messaging application was in itself, then, with the Messenger application, it offered its users the application of messaging with your friends on Facebook with an application completely independent from Facebook. Here, Instagram’s New App Direct is also planned to be presented to users as a new messaging app independent of Instagram. Direct application primarily Turkey, Uruguay, Israel, Italy, Chile and reportedly will be available in Portugal. It is not yet clear when exactly it will be available worldwide. After the Direct application becomes available, the Direct application will disappear on Instagram and all private messaging will be performed from the new application Direct.

Messaging was very important for large companies with a profile on Instagram; however, the existing Direct application sometimes created difficulties in terms of tracking. It is obvious that these problems will disappear with the new application. First, the Direct application, which will be available on the IOS platform, will also be available on the Android platform. Direct application will be free and can be downloaded by anyone. In the Direct box, which is currently in use, people can be viewed separately, and photos and videos can be sent. What new features will be included in the content of Direct new messaging application, will it be of interest to users? Will it contribute to Instagram? It is of course impossible to comment right now. Considering that we have very comfortable conversations with Messenger, we are sure that the Direct application will give us this pleasure.


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