8 Safe Experiences in India Add your post to Covid-19

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However, there are a lot of scopes to travel and smart travel across the country without worrying about our safety and welfare. We all need to revise our bucket list and opt for safe and contactless trips to keep the empty soul alive and kick! While our expedition plan and travel bucket list were ready for all of us, Kovid-19 effectively ruined it. Book your flight ticket with the American Airlines Reservations team.

Wondering which travel experiences to choose? We have listed some safe experiences for introducing COVID-19.

1. Road Tripping in Ladakh

Filled with charm and science, Ladakh is best enjoyed through a road trip. It claims a plethora of terrain that ranges from semi-desert areas to sea lakes. The rugged terrain, tough crevices, and high altitude adventures make it challenging and exhilarating. Biking through Ladakh’s quilting network will surely be a journey to remember. If you have always been planning this road trip, now is the time to seize it!

2. Palace Rickshaw in Rajasthan

There is one thing about royal palaces and it is hospitality, it never fails to impress. With grandeur and historical significance, a palace stop will be a royal holiday in itself. You can learn about the life of Maharajas and their lifestyle. Palaces have always been extra cautious and particularly hygienic. With the Kovid-19 scenario, we bet they have increased their sanitation and disinfection services so that you are confident about your safety. You can choose from Taj Lake Palace, Leela Palace, Sujan Rajmahal, Fateh Garh, and taste the splendor of more and more kings. It may be heavy on your pocket, but hey! You deserve to live in the palace.

3. Trekking from Himalaya

Going on a trek in India is one of the best ways to explore its mountains and biodiversity. There is nothing better than a backpack in the mighty snow peaks and rocky heights of the Himalayas. Himalayan treks vary from the difficult and almost impassable high Himalayas in Uttarakhand to the long winding trekking trails in Himachal Pradesh. The secluded and quiet nature of the hilly areas makes it a safe option and minimizes any type of human interaction.

4. Safari Hopping in Karnataka

Karnataka tourism is synonymous with the excavation of safari. If you are environmentally enthusiastic, then a trip to wildlife safari will be an ideal option for your travel plan. From elephant safaris, tigers to touring the entire forest, you will have a great time to see the magnificent wildlife of the region. Safari has the least risk and you can ensure complete social distancing. The remote areas of the forest make it comfortable and adventurous. Book your flight now with the help of American Reservations.

5. Discovering the secluded beaches in Goa

Have your plans for Goa gone down the drain? Goa has always been full of tourists. Beaches, bars, casinos, forts, and restaurants are always full of its potential. The traditional chronology of Goa may be a risky affair for now, but it has some secluded and untouched beaches that you can safely visit. Settling in the sun and the sand will not be as harsh as it is for a gambler to move towards gambling. You should avoid commercial areas and hit-off-track tracks. From Kola to Butterfly Beach, there are many who live in a beach paradise.

6. Caving in the middle of Meghalaya

Exploring the cave in Meghalaya is a thrilling adventure. The north-eastern state is alive with caves that make COVID-19 after the best distance travel plan. Minimal human interaction, safe distance, and a brave plan are all you need. The underground passages, river and gorge routes, and pitch dark surroundings are among the caves of Meghalaya. Along with the adventures are the magnificent stalagmite and stalactite formations, which give a big thumbs up to the cave adventures. Meghalaya takes great pride in its caves such as Mawsmai Caves, Karma Lit Prah, Siju Caves, and many other places.

7. Stars in the Rann of Kutch

Stargazing is an experience that involves staring into the depth and vastness of space. Marked as one of the largest salt marshes in the world, the Rann of Kutch is a spectacular holiday spot. There is nothing wrong with embarking on a hideous adventure because all you want to do is lie back and stare into the oblivion of the stars and the sky.

8. Glamorous Camping in Wayanad

Wayanad consists of dreamy places and screenplays with green carpets, attractive woods, lofty peaks, and enchanting valleys. The impeccable hill station offers vast landscapes to enjoy a spectacular camping experience and have a great time in the lap of nature. The Western Ghats connect the beautiful areas which are near Wayanad. Either camping in the vastness of the valleys or in the dense forests of the city. In this way, you will only be in contact with your close acquaintances, which effectively reduces your risk for Kovid-19. These travel plans can be some of the best possible adventures that you can take in India. They are safe, minimal yet supremely courageous. Now add them to your bucket list!


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