6 Trending Online Platforms for Watching Cartoons for free in 2020


If you prefer watching cartoons online and you are looking for the sites which provide these shows in a high quality for free, then this is the right place for you. Here we have assembled some of the best and top trending online cartoon and anime streaming sites which you can visit anytime and have real fun and the best time.  All these websites provide high video quality and best streaming services. You can make a pretty well choice if you just go through all this information and compare these websites and pick what feels right to you.

So, without any further ado lets go right into some main features and exciting services that these top trending websites offer to their users

  1. GoGoAnime

 This website is a source to a great number of anime/cartoons shows and offers amazing streaming services. The video quality offered by GoGoAnime is remarkable and totally free. You can watch your favorite anime shows and movies in HD quality and have so much fun with the clarity and consistency of the videos. This website might contain some ads, but they are nothing compared to its other remarkable features. This website has a very interactive UI which allows you to view the content of this website quickly and with ease, which saves a lot of your time and energy.

  • Watch Cartoon Online

 This is a rather old website and has been around for many years, but it never ceases to impress the cartoons and anime lover around the world. The users seem to find its services quite amazing and exciting. This website has been getting many positive reviews from its users for years now and its popularity is increasing still. This website’s great video quality, lesser ads interruptions and huge anime/cartoons library make this website so famous and a top priority of cartoon shows/movies movies watchers.

  • Kisscartoon

 Kisscartoon is an emerging online streaming website and it is becoming popular very fast. This site is host to a great number of high-quality cartoons shows that cover many genres and types. The UI of this website is quite simple, easy to understand and effective. This site lets you control the video quality of the shows which you can adjust in case your internet speed drops down. You can visit this website and have a quality time watching your favorite shows absolutely free.

  • NickToons

 This website is great for younger viewers mainly, but it also works for older cartoon and anime fans as well. This website contains shows and movies in HD quality. The website does not have many ads and other such interruptions and this way your time here is more productive, and you can have a smooth online streaming experience for free. The security concerns are also very small while viewing your favorite cartoon shows on NickToons. You can literally find every great shows and other cool material to view on this website.

  • Kissanime

 This website is awesome when it comes to high and HD video quality, the greater number of shows and cool user interface. The website is a source of both old classic and the most recent cartoon/anime shows, and movies and

you can have so much fun from the services of this site without paying any cost at all. You can visit Plasticrpt and get further information about such online streaming platforms. This blogging website can help you find the best streaming service and offers information about other exciting stuff as well.

  • AnimeHeaven

 This site is best known for watching anime, but it also offers cartoons in a very high quality as well. The website is secure and absolutely free. You cannot directly download the content of this website but that is not a very big issue. You can always use some kind of internet download manager extension for this purpose. So, visit this website today and have unlimited fun with its high video quality and great streaming services.

Final Thoughts

So, above are the 6 most trending cartoon websites of this year. Make sure to check them out and find yourself the best cartoon streaming website. This will save so much of your time and energy. Instead of going all over the place and finding a website that works, give these sites a go and have fun watching your favorite anime/cartoons for free.


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