5 Preparation strategies for FSSAI exam for first time aspirants

FSSAI exam for first time aspirants

In India, there are millions of govt job aspirants who are willing to serve the nation in the Food safety department. One of the prestigious authorities in the nation who is responsible for Food safety regulation in India is the FSSAI. Every year there are lakhs of candidates who appear for the FSSAI exam. Aspirants who meet the FSSAI Eligibility Criteria appear for the FSSAI examination. However, a handful of them passed the finishing line. It is because not all of them are aware of the exam pattern or the syllabus. Hence, it is recommended to read this blog carefully as it contains effective preparation strategies.

How do first time aspirants clear the FSSAI examination easily?


  • Give priority to important topics


Many of the aspirants have a phobia of studying sophisticated topics. They lack the confidence to study complicated modules. But, it is important to study important topics. Paying serious attention to important topics will fetch you good scores. To get the list of important topics, candidates can search online or ask online tutors if they avail of online coaching. Also, qualified candidates can guide you better. Strengthening concepts and emphasizing on vital topics is the must for aspirants if he or she has to clear the examination. Food laws, Subject matter knowledge, Functions, and attributes of the FSSAU are a few of the topics to consider for the exam preparation. Apart from that, computational knowledge and high-quality academic skills are the icing on the cake.


  • Check out the syllabus carefully


Have a detailed analysis of the examination before appearing for the FSSAI exam. Many modules like Aptitude, GK, and General Studies are major components of the FSSAI Syllabus. Candidates must be well aware of the topics that come in the examination.  It is better to know the syllabus and exam pattern before applying for the exam. Many of the first-time aspirants try their luck in the examination to get the idea of the FSSAI exam. And, these aspirants put more effort into the next try. In the second turn, the chances of clearing the examination reduce because of the tough competition. Also, one year gets wasted in the second attempt. Therefore, it is better to clear the examination in the first attempt itself by thorough knowledge of the syllabus.


  • Mock test papers practice every day


Practicing mock test papers daily gives you an idea of the complexity level of the real question paper. Many candidates are unaware of the types of questions and structure of the question paper. Mock tests also reduce the chances of making mistakes in the actual examination. It is one of the effective tools to analyze the performance and increase the accuracy level of solving questions in no time. Mock test papers are available in paperback and digital formats also. However, in the pandemic crisis, no bookstores are in the operation where traditional mock test papers are available. Hence, opt for learning portals where an interactive set of FSSAI Mock Tests are available that has an auto-scoring system and tracking learning progress feature.


  • Read other sources of information like newspapers or journals


Limited learning is not useful for the preparation for the FSSAI exam. Candidates must read newspapers, magazines, journals, and other information sources. These write-up materials have the updated knowledge followed by good language and tonality. Aspirants who have trouble in the English language may one newspapers or a few pages of magazines daily. Learning new concepts and information makes candidates prepare for The General Awareness section. 


  • Study routine and dedication


No matter how talented you are, if you don’t follow the proper routine or show dedication towards studies, scoring good grades is next to impossible. A proper routine with frequent breaks makes your mind refreshed. Devote equal time for all subjects. In case you are pretty confident in the module and lagging in others, start with the weak subjects first.  

Final words

FSSAI examination is not so easy to crack and there is tough competition amongst candidates. For first-time aspirants, we recommend dedicating themselves towards studies. Also, appearing for a first time exam for getting an idea is not a good thing from a career point of view. It wastes one year and effort. Follow these tips to clear the exam in one go.


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