Yummy Breakfast Options That Will Fuel You Up For The Day

Yummy Breakfast
Yummy Breakfast

If you are looking out for some yummy yet healthy breakfast options that will keep you fuelled up and charge throughout the day. Breakfast makes for the best and major portion of your daily diet and therefore one needs to keep a thorough check of the total calories you are consuming in a day. Breakfast like a king – is a justified statement and a widely followed habit by people all over the world. The primary idea of managing your overall calorie intake is to control your necessary craving and hunger pangs. You can do it easily with some yummy yoga bar protein bars, yoga bar muesli with seeds, nuts & all things healthy. 

Listed below are some amazing breakfast options that make for a rich and nutritious diet on a daily basis : 

  • Fruit Loaded Muesli Bowl 

You can start your day with a rich nutritious fruit, nuts and seeds loaded with a Muesli bowl. Yogabars muesli pack is specially formulated with the wholesome goodness of all things healthy. Rich in fibre, nutrients, a good whole nutritious bowl of muesli. Take ½ cup of milk(low-fat), 1 whole ripe banana, 2 full spoons of muesli, dried seeds – pumpkin, watermelon, chia seeds, etc, ½ tablespoon of honey. Mix it all together and your bowl is ready.

  • Egg Sandwich

Egg white contains a lot of protein and makes for a nutritious and rich breakfast option. All you need to do is make a sunny side up and club it between two well-toasted wheat bread. Consume it with a good protein shake and stay fuelled up all day long.

  • Peanut Butter Toast

Love peanut butter? Well, who doesn’t? Peanut butter is one of the most widely consumed snacks by people all across the globe. Add it to your salad, toast, beverage or anything to add yumminess in a single scoop. If you are a lazy one, take 2 whole wheat bread loafs and put it in the toaster until it is all crispy. Now add a full scoop of peanut butter evenly on both sides of the bread. A yummy, quick and healthy breakfast is all ready.

  • Idli Sambar

Suji Idli with sambar is one of the best breakfast options with minimal calorie and maximum nutrition from green vegetables in the sambar.Poha, upma, idli sambar are some of people’s most favourite breakfast items in India. If you are a vegetarian looking for some healthy breakfast ideas these are some of the food items you must consider for a rich, yummy and nutritious breakfast. 

We are pretty sure this article will help you choose a healthy breakfast option for proper nutritional diet on a daily basis. Your daily intake of calories plays a vital role in your overall health. You need to have a complete management of calories in order to stay fit and healthy throughout your life. Workout, follow a good diet and see yourself pacing up for your ziddi goals of the year.


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