Your Childhood Cartoon Character That Turned Into Monster Now

half orc names
half orc names

So apparently this artist can turn innocent cartoon characters from our childhood into monsters. It can turn it upside down and make it completely dark. It’s actually unbelievable. You guys don’t even understand. We’re gonna get right into this. Without further delay, let’s see it. Oh, and by the way guys, if you guys get too scared from, like,  scary monsters and stuff I’ll click away Just a disclaimer, but I highly doubt you guys are gonna get scared of this But it’s possible. You guys can watch these cartoon characters on cartoon crazy as it is very popular site to watch your cartoons.

Let’s see Number 1. All right, Number 1. This is Eeyore. That is… That is so cool, but it’s so disturbing… I really hope this doesn’t ruin my childhood You only have one childhood in your life… And if I see all these cartoons… Should I even do this anymore? Jeez, Louise… Look at those blisters on his… All right, next one. All right, this is Tigger Now he looks like a scorpion. All right, this is creeping me out. I don’t even know if I want to do this anymore. Look at these veins! Yo! The artist is absolutely unbelievable. The amount of skill this takes, Guys, this is the artist’s signature right here, if you want to check them out. I don’t know who it is exactly. 

4 eyeballs… Ohhhhhhhhhhhh my god… All right, are their other ones besides…? This is not… No! Tweety! Tweety! Sh-She has rabies! She was one of the most innocent cartoon characters I’ve ever seen… What happened? Tweety… It’s never gonna be the same anymore… That’s it… She straight-up looks like she eats other birds! Savage… Absolutely savage… This drool…It’s tripping me out. Ugh, Tweety on crack-cocaine right there! That’s Tweety right there for you. Number 5: Mike Wazowski Now, this is a really scary That’s a really scary Mike Wazowski! I feel like, ugh, I can’t look at that… I feel like, that’s how they should have depicted him in Monster’s Inc.

Like, he looked so friendly in Monster’s Inc… You just wanna hug him. This is I would get a mile away from… I would not get 10 feet near this thing… It’s literally rotting flesh right here. UGHHHHHHH The tongue literally… UGHHHHH, I CAN’T LOOK AT THIS! They’re so disturbing It feels like I’m, like that Trypophobia right here. All these holes on his body… It’s like it’s part of the Human Centipede… It’s like the head, Oh Shrek I’m sure this is Shrek… That looks like a Hulk on meth or something. 

That’s a creepy a** Shrek There’s no torso here Look, his feet are so big! And look at his hands! I don’t understand. He doesn’t have a torso! His feet go up to here! I wanna see what Donkey looks like… We got Shrek, where’s Donkey? These are so amazing… Like the… As the amount of artistry, it must take to make something like this… Sorry, I’m getting excited… Winnie the Pooh? Are you eating blood? It looks like… Partially dried blood… And there’s an eyeball! That’s not “Hunny”! That is not “Hunny”! That’s a lie! 

You’ve been lying. Guys, am I gonna turn into some, like, serial killer after watching these? Cause’ if my childhood is now just memories of these… It’ll just make me into a serial killer… He looks like the Terminator… Look at those eyes! That looks exactly like the Terminator… Pika! PikaCHUUUUUUUU What is this? I don’t even want to look… This whole thing is his mouth… Do I say that this is disgusting or amazing? It’s either I say that this is very gory and horrible And I hate looking at it… Or I say this is an amazing piece of work And I love this. I can’t decide between the two… Like I’m conflicted Cause’ it’s so amazing but at the same time I can’t look at it I would not want to go in there, let me just tell you that! Definitely not wanna go in there… Number 9 This is a Minion From Despicable Me He’s not adorable anymore… I actually have a stuffed Minion in my house! I’m gonna go throw it away. 

Oh My God! I’m throwing it away… What the heck? Bro, you don’t even need a banana! You need like some… You need a tranquilizer. Someone needs to put you down! This is so twisted that he’s like limping forward… Those were some of them… If you guys liked this, let me know down below and I’ll make a part 2 But… Wow… These were incredible… Imagine if these were like the real cartoon character we watched in our childhood How would we grow up? You would all become like… Psychopaths Wow… Jeez… Ohhhhhhh SHREK?!? WINNIE?!? PIKACHU?!? and a Minion Thank you for watching I just decided to do this cause’ Halloween is coming up… Like, it’s right around the corner So I thought this would be cool. It’s like a different twist.


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