Why Vacationers Don’t Need To Fear the Rainy Season in Costa Rica

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a tropical paradise that’s always on vacationers’ bucket list destinations. Why not? It’s a beautiful country with an assortment of environments, including rainforests, beaches, and river valleys teeming with biodiverse wildlife. You can do zip lines, river rafting, canyoning and other thrilling activities.

If you’re not into nature, it’s also got luxurious hotels, restaurants, and bars to choose from. Whether you’re with family or friends, Costa Rica has something going on for everyone to enjoy. There are a few advantages in planning your luxury Costa Rica vacation during the rainy season too.

It’s Not Even That Rainy

The rainy season doesn’t mean rain all the time. The truth is, you’ll probably only experience rain for a couple of hours a day or so. That’s time you can use to rest and plan out your other activities. A bonus is you can spend that time sipping some hot beverage while overlooking the scenery from your balcony.

There’s also a lot you can do when it’s raining. Go and experience the bars and restaurants, and get in touch with the locals. Who knows, you might learn something from them.

If you’re not a fan of hot temperatures, Costa Rica is also noticeably cooler during the rainy season. So you don’t have to worry about sweating buckets and dehydrating too much.

Lusher Jungles

The dry season can be harsh on Costa Rica’s jungles. In some regions, forests can turn brown and lose leaves. There could even be fires in the hills.

But if you go during the rainy season, everything is a deep, verdant green. Trees sport a whole head of leaves, and flowers are in bloom. The abundant greenery also makes the jungle inhabitants more active, so if you plan to go sightseeing in the jungle, the rainy season is the best time to do so. 

Less heat also means the rivers and waterfalls are gushing out in their full beauty. You don’t have to worry about trekking to a waterfall, only to find that it’s been reduced to a sad trickle. Going from dry to the rainy season is like a switch being flipped, and Costa Rica’s forests and wildlife return to full consciousness. 

Less Tourists

Everyone loves going to Costa Rica in the Summer. What they fail to realize is that since it’s a popular destination, it’ll be teeming with other tourists. That makes it a hassle with you constantly in crowded places and even competing with other tourists for, say, a restaurant table or hotel room. That makes your luxury Costa Rica vacation experience rushed.

Going in the rainy season means you get to avoid the crowds. You can enjoy Costa Rica in full and at your leisure, without competition. You might even experience having some of the beaches all to yourself.  

If you need more motivation, consider that Costa Rica prices are at their lowest during the rainy season, with prices being 15 to 25% lower. 


Even if you’re planning to go to Costa Rica during the rainy season, it’s still a good thing to plan everything to lessen any surprises that may disrupt your vacation. Costa Rica’s rainy season starts in May and lasts until November. Reach out to your chosen tour guide for information and updates.


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