Why SUP is A Good Exercise in the Quest to Lose Weight?

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Stand-up paddleboarding has moved from just being a leisure sport to a useful exercise for people who want to lose weight. Most people who are overweight are assured that SUP is suitable for weight loss. 

Paddleboarding can be used to aid the weight loss journey. By paddling, you can burn more calories than many other activities. 

Moreover, it is an activity that can be performed by both men and women. Happily, all you need is a paddle, a paddleboard, and water. With stand-up paddleboarding no fancy equipment or costly gym membership is needed. 

Here are some of the reasons why stand-up paddleboarding is the best exercise in your journey to lose weight.

Why is SUP a good workout for getting in shape?

1. It is highly accessible 

Stand-up paddleboarding is a perfect exercise for someone who wants to lose weight because it is highly accessible. It is an activity that can be done in various water bodies that include lakes, seas, oceans, rivers, and others. 

Thus, it is ideal for people who live around rivers, lakes, and oceans. Moreover, it is a water sport that everyone can participate in. Whether you are a kid or a senior citizen, the activity is ideal for everyone. 

Therefore, if you are looking for an activity that can be done anywhere and by everyone, SUP is a great one for you. 

2. Stand-up paddleboarding is a full-body workout

SUP is an activity known for full-body health benefits. As you paddle, almost all muscles in the body are involved. From the arms to the leg muscles to the core, all tissues are engaged when you push the paddles through the water and as you balance on the board. 

Most people are not aware that just standing on the paddleboard and keeping balance engages all muscles. In addition, you can burn a lot of calories. 

And just like other sports, the longer and harder you paddle, the more you engage your muscles. Even though it might be slow at the beginning as you try to balance and remain stable, you will get stronger and burn more calories as you advance. 

3. SUP is an inexpensive workout

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Another reason why SUP is a good exercise in the quest to lose weight is that it is not costly. You do not need to register, acquire expensive equipment, or keep upgrading your devices to enjoy the sport. 

All you need to purchase is a paddleboard, a paddle, and identify a water body for paddling. Fortunately, most packages come with a board, a paddle, leash, fins, pump, and PFD among other essential items. 

4. It is a low impact exercise that cannot get you stressed

Stand-up paddleboarding is a low-impact exercise that cannot get you stressed. Also, it cannot put much pressure on parts of your body. This means it is a good workout option for kids, senior citizens, and people of all ages. 

Another great thing about stand-up paddleboarding is that you can paddle at your own speed. Unlike other sports or at the gym where there is so much pressure to finish, there is less pressure to compete in paddleboarding. 

Therefore, you can choose to take it stress-free with gentle paddleboarding or push to the limits by racing with your friends. With the sport, it is up to you to decide how far and hard you want to go. Happily, you will reap the health benefits no matter which way you go. 

It is a great exercise for beginners and professionals who are looking for a great atmosphere while exercising. 

5. Stand-up paddleboarding promotes positive lifestyle change

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SUP is a great workout that promotes a positive lifestyle change. For people who spend most of their time indoors, this is a perfect activity. It is an exercise that requires participants to be outside. 

Spending more time outdoors means you can exercise in an environment you are comfortable with and enjoy the benefits that come with fresh air. Moreover, it will put you in a position to enjoy the sun and help reduce your stress levels. 

6. SUP helps you burn more calories

Being a full-body exercise means you can burn more calories than most workouts. Depending on the type of paddleboarding you participate in, you can burn more calories than going to the gym or participating in other exercises. 

In addition, calorie burn depends on individual factors such as gender, age, weight, height, and body composition. 

However, it is a great activity that will help you healthily burn calories. By riding a wave, paddling across a long distance, or practicing yoga on the paddleboard, you can burn significant calories. 


Stand-up paddleboarding is a great tool you can use in your weight-loss drive. It offers a full-body workout and it is a low-impact workout that cannot get your body parts stressed. 

In addition, it is an ideal exercise for someone who is seeking a workout that does not just encourage weight loss. It is a water sport that encourages paddlers to look beyond physical fitness. 

Therefore, if you are serious about losing weight and promoting positive lifestyle changes in your life, the best workout to consider is stand-up paddleboarding. 


Source: https://www.paddleboards.com


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