Why purchasing table covers is not an expense but an investment

promotional table covers
promotional table covers

Imagine yourself visiting a marketing event or a tradeshow. All around the event, you see heaps of tables highlighting their business logo and message. By taking a look at these tables, you know what business they are representing and what would their target market be.

Then, you happen to bypass a table that has no table cloth, no branding message or logo – nothing. To find more about that brand and its business, you would have to make an extra effort and engage in a friendly conversation with the people representing it.

Table covers, though, may seem like something that not everybody pays attention to but are one of the most efficient advertising tools available in the promotional market. They are so vital for branding and promotions that almost every business use them, but not many think about them.

Think of table covers as a sleeping giant. They help you create visibility for your business, people get to know about your products or services through them, but not many find to think about them as promotions.

But this is a proven fact, and many studies have backed up this theory – without custom promotional table covers at events and exhibitions, you are making the audience guess about your business, which is a strategy that is bound to fail.

You have to hope and pray that there are people who are willing to know more about your business, your services, and the market you are rooting for. With personalized table covers, you can be available for your customers, your clients, and your prospects.

Another interesting fact about these table covers is that you create innumerable impressions among those customers and clients that don’t stop to chat with you directly. On the other hand, just like billboards, if your table cloth is well-designed, it will work in a similar manner and get the attention of the people passing by.

The best part about customized table covers is that they come in different sizes and shapes. Brands that are working under a strict budget should opt for a single color table covers. These unique color table covers are pretty straight forward and get the job done efficiently.

And if your brand does not have a budget option, you can choose from different options, styles, and fabric designs available in the market.

Table covers are portable

We all are aware of the possibilities of participating in a tradeshow event, but it is not something that businesses can accommodate more than once a year, so whatever time they have, they have to do it in the days they are participating in the event.

To create an impression that people can remember for a long time, it is best to frequently participate in tradeshow exhibitions to stay known and relevant in the market. These events are a perfect opportunity for building your business, allows you to directly communicate with your customers and for people who are interested in finding out more about your brand.

However, not all of the events are suitable for your business, and you need to have a watchful eye on the events you are participating in. While branding in your city is a suitable option, but if you wish to expand your business, you need to travel across the state for tradeshow events being held in other cities.

Custom table covers, in this setting, are relevant because they help you advertise your business when you travel to multiple locations. Simply fold them neatly and carry them in a suitcase or a bag and they will travel with you. You can set-up these portable banners easily and get your business on the right track.

You can use them many times

When you buy an advertisement on a social media platform, a magazine or a newspaper, you get limited space, and the running window is restricted. After a couple of adverts, you pay again to get your advertisement printed for the people to see.

However, you can do the same with customized table covers. You may question how, but one advantage of these table covers is that you can use them many times. These table covers are designed to withstand the test of time, and if you are getting from a certified dealer, you don’t need to worry about buying them for years. 

Apart from their quality wear and tear, the fabrics used in these covers are machine washable, but in many settings, there is no need to wash them at all.


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