Where to preserve a weapon for home protection?

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You probably care about purchasing arms first when it comes to home protection. The next most important thing is to buy the right home security weapons safe for protection, whether handguns or long guns. Whether you opt for the classical guns or the ever-popular AR-15 rifles, the overall security of the house should always be the main criteria.

However, it is also necessary to find the right spot for the gun safe. So, where will the arms be kept secure to safeguard the home? For the best security, we will recommend that you store firearms in various areas of the building.

The safest way to safeguard home defense is decentralization. One of the drawbacks of decentralization is that you have enough resources to purchase handguns and best under the bed gun safe for home use. It would be best to go to money gun safes and firearms to reduce the cost in this situation. We have listed some of the best ways for you to protect your weapon from decentralizing your gun.

1. Master bedroom

In the event of a robbery or home invasion, the master bedroom will be attracted first. On the other side, you spend most of your time here. It would also be wise to carry firearms close to you. Your handguns can be kept in a bedside nightstand gun safe for easy access in 2 seconds in case of emergencies. In a protected under bed gun, you can even keep your handguns or long weapons.

2. Closet

Another perfect place to protect your home defense gun is within a closet. It’s ideal if the cabinet is near a door so you can easily escape with your weapon. Aim to prevent confrontation as the professional thieves may bring advanced weapons and other devices.

3. Kitchen pantry

The kitchen cabinet could be a decent hiding place for your arms and gun safes. This is the location the robberies did not target first. During the attack, you would have easy access to your weapons while you are in the kitchen. One thing you must remember is that your arms are kept away from flames. In the kitchen cupboard, it safer to keep a little fireproof gun safe.

4. Guest bedroom

The guest room may also be an excellent place to store firearms for the safety of the house. If you are attacked at home, you can at least equip the guest room with weapons if you stay nearby. It would be nice to leave the place if you had a hidden door by the guest room. You can first attempt to leave the place and dial 911 for assistance.

Hide guns in numerous parts of the house

Hiding the firearm in numerous areas of your house will allow you to reach the arms in an emergency easily. There is a range of hiding choices, such as hiding your weapon under the bench, sofa, tea table, bookshelf, ceiling, wall, and dressing table for mirrors. Other techniques for hiding weapons ensure easy access is also possible.

Areas must be avoided

The areas that are not readily available and far from you should be avoided. Places like the basement and the garage can be avoided as in the event of a house attack; you will not be able to go. You could also prevent drawing rooms since it may be their first point of entry. To prevent accidents in any situation, weapons should be kept away from flammable objects.


One of the significant aspects of home defense is the positioning of weapons. We suggest that the position of guns should always be decentralized. So, you can defend yourself from threats in the event of an invasion of your home.


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