What’s your idea of a custom mattress?

benefits of custom mattress
benefits of custom mattress

After a busy day, everyone wants to rest on a cosy and comfortable bed. But the meaning of comfort for everyone can be different. For example, some may like soft mattresses but it might be possible that soft mattresses may become a reason for back pain for the other. This is the reason why the different types of mattresses made up of different materials. Apart from this, you can also get the facility of custom mattress online or offline in which you can build your mattress according to your choice and preference. You can choose its material or size as per your comfort or budget.

Different materials available for the mattress are: –

  • PU foam
  • Polyurethane foam
  • Latex rubber
  • Coir or coir spring
  • Orthopaedic foam

These are some of the materials which you can choose for your customised mattress. You can also make a mattress by combining the two materials. You also have the customisation facility available for its top cover, its design, its colour, pattern, breathable, quilt etc.

Ways to make custom mattress: –

  • By visiting a store:
  • In this method, when the customer visits the store, the explanation of the material or their functions are explained to them. Then the materials are recommended to them based on their requirements or budget. For example, the customer who needs a mattress to resolve his back-pain issues, then such kind of mattress will be recommended to them.
  • After this, the top cover is to be selected. Its colour, its material and its features are all explained to the customer.
  • Once the material and the top cover is selected, its time for the cost estimation. If this suits the customer’s budget then the further process of packing of the mattress is done. But if it doesn’t suit the customer, then the material is changed. For example, if the budget of the customer is Rs 20000. But the mattress they handpicked is for Rs 27000. Then the material is changed which both fit their requirement and budget.
  • Home Consultation and demo: This is almost same as the above process but the major difference is that this procedure is done at the customer’s home. The customer needs to book an appointment for the demo at their house. The appointment can be made on the official website. After this, the samples will be shown to the customer of various materials and their functions will be explained to them. While booking the appointment you are supposed to fill your credentials and mention the suitable time and date for the visit. You will also need to pay some nominal fee for it which will cover the transport cost.

Hence these are how you can build up your customised mattress. You can get the best custom mattress in Hyderabad. Apart from this, it will be good if you do some research regarding mattress on your hand so it will be easy for you to explain your idea of a mattress to the seller. This window shopping will help you to prevent you from getting defraud at the hands of the seller. You should visit the trusted or experienced manufacturers only so that your investment in the mattress will be worthwhile.


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