What to do in your free time without gadgets


In the modern world, a huge number of people are addicted to smartphones. We spend several hours every day on social networks and are constantly waiting for updates to the feed and new messages and notifications. All of this makes us unproductive and makes us waste most of our lives on useless activities.

Only bloggers benefit from this lifestyle. With users browsing content on a daily basis, creators don’t have to spend money and buy Instagram followers. However, you should think about your life first. In this article, we will tell you about what you can do in your free time without a smartphone.

How to get rid of addiction

Before we start planning leisure time without a phone, we need to understand how to get rid of the addiction to constantly update the feed. Probably for someone it is an effective option to install an application that blocks the ability to open social networks or simply turn off the phone. However, this is not the most reliable method.

In order not to be able to see the availability of new alerts, you should move your phone to another room. When you work, you can leave your smartphone in a closed cabinet or bag so you don’t have quick access to it. It is also imperative to turn off all notifications so that you are not disturbed by unnecessary sounds.

Bloggers often ask to put notifications on their posts, but only they profit from this. Thanks to active users, they don’t buy real Instagram followers and therefore they need your procrastination.

Most likely, in the first few hours it will be very difficult for you to spend time without scrolling through social networks, but in the future you will realize that living without it is much easier. For example, because you can devote time to more useful and interesting activities. Now we will tell you what you can do.

Useful activities for free time


By far one of the most rewarding hobbies is reading. The time you spend on social media every day you can spend reading an interesting and informative book. Every successful person has this habit.

Physical activity

You can start doing sports (yoga, gym, game sports, and so on) or just walking in the fresh air. Any physical activity is a healthy habit. To monitor your activities, you can purchase a fitness bracelet that will count the number of kilometers traveled and calories burned.

Unfortunately, due to a sedentary lifestyle, modern people acquire many health problems. First of all, these are diseases of the spine. To avoid this, you should constantly exercise.

Learning a new profession

When you have free time, you can try taking courses to learn a new specialty. You do not need to take paid courses. Now you have the opportunity to learn new skills for free by reading websites and watching videos.

Life without gadgets is great

We hope that after reading this article, you are thinking about changing your lifestyle. It is very important to think about your health and take care of your time, which is often not enough.


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