What problems occur with penis size and what are their symptoms

What problems occur with penis size and what are their symptoms1

Do you have a small penis? Know that you are absolutely not the only one. A large number of men in our country have this “problem.” It is a question of whether it is really an objective problem or just a feeling and a desire to have more nature. From my own experience, I think it’s more of a second, and I decided to write an article on this topic and share my experience with you.

Of course, I’m not saying that there aren’t men who really have objectively too little genitals. I know that such a problem can properly complicate not only physical but also partner life. For this reason, I certainly do not underestimate it, but at the same time, I know what the reality is for the majority.

P*nis enlargement can be realized in two ways. The first is a change in its length or its extension. The second is a change in its thickness, or we can say the thickening of the p*nis. The first and second methods are mainly related to the quality of the erection, and that’s what we’ll talk about more now.

P*nis size: definition, meaning, and comparison

When it comes to the size of the organs, it means its length and also its thickness. Of course, the vast majority of men would like them to have the largest possible organs, but unfortunately, nature does not measure to the centimeter accurately. But that doesn’t have to matter at all; the differences are natural.

  • The average length of an erect organs in men is in the range of 13 to 15 centimeters.
  • The average thickness around the circumference ranges from 11 to 12 centimeters.
  • The acceptable tolerance can be around 15%; everything below this interval can already be considered too small an organs.

Men see the problem most often with length but mostly forget about thickness. Both depend on the quality of the erection, although certain disease causes may also play a role, causing a small size of nature. Even from my own experience, however, I know that men consider a small organs to be one that reaches only half a centimeter less than the stated average.

And why are its thicknesses so important? Here are a few reasons:

  • the thicker p*nis helps a woman to more intensely experience penetration into the vagina and thus supports her love stimulation
  • a longer organs is important for better penetration to the last third of the vagina, which is more sensitive and therefore a woman can achieve vaginal orgasm
  • sufficient thickness and length are also important for good potency itself because the organs can penetrate deeper into the vagina and thus fertilize the eggs better,

But do not forget to measure these values ​​correctly. Measure the thickness at the root of the organs, that is, where it begins in the lower abdomen. It is obviously necessary to measure in the erect state, and it is suitable to use them with a tailor’s tape measure.

As for measuring the length of the organs, measure here at the maximum erection and start again from the root to the tip of the acorn. However, if you have a lot of subcutaneous fat in this area, such a measurement will not be completely objective, because the organs starts deeper, as it might seem outward.


Many men have the question of whether the length or thickness of the p*nis is more important. There is no precise answer to this, but I am more inclined to the thickness because it can cause better physical stimulation in a woman, especially in the first third of the vagina.

What problems occur with organs size and what are their symptoms

As I mentioned, men most often have two types of organs size problems, either a bit that is too short or a organs that is too thin. There are also other disorders, such as incorrect bending of the organs, which causes its smaller size, but I will not address it now.

On the contrary, I want to analyze in more detail the two most common causes mentioned above:

Short organs: 

A short organs can be considered a genital limb smaller than 10 cm. Many men have this limit set a little higher, but it is necessary to really take into account certain deviations from the average numbers. But if you really want to know if your organs is too short, you need to find out from your partner. If, in her opinion, it is sufficient for quality satisfaction, then I would not worry too much about numbers.

Thin organs: 

Although men do not have a major problem with thickness, it turns out to be at least as important. Here I would also recommend focusing not only on the number of the average thickness of 12 cm but also on the opinion of my partner and her feeling of s*x or try Fildena 100 at himsedpills or vigora.

However, the quality of the erection, as such, is much related to the thickness of the organs. If you have a problem with poor quality, this will affect both the length and the thickness of the organs. For the sake of objectivity, I must add that while the deviations in the length of the organs are greater, in the case of thickness, the vast majority of men fit into the “tolerance zone.”

Causes of organs size problems

The causes of problems with the length or thickness of the organs can be divided into two groups. Either it is caused by an illness or defect caused directly on the genitals, or it is more of an erection problem. The first and the second need to know how to identify and try to apply measures and solutions accordingly.

Let’s look at the most frequent causes of genital size problems in more detail:

Insufficient hypothalamic activity: 

As a result of genetic predisposition or heredity, there may be a problem in the brain with the activity of those elements that are responsible for the growth and development of the genitals. This important element is called the hypothalamus, and if it does not work properly, a man will develop only a so-called thin micro organs with a length of about 8 centimeters.

Developmental Defects:

In addition to a direct defect in the central nervous system, there may be other developmental defects, either in the muscular area or within the ligament. As a result, the child’s genitals no longer develop as they should and may eventually be too short or too long. Unfortunately, this type of problem must be solved only with a specialist, i.e., a doctor.

Excessive hard tissue formation: 

If you start to develop excessive hard tissue in your p*nis, it is the result of Peyronie’s disease. This disease is characterized primarily by the fact that the organs bends, and during s**ual intercourse, any stimulation is painful. In some cases, however, the problem will resolve itself with age.

Prostate Removal: 

A tumor or cancer of the prostate that results in the prostate being removed can also cause the p*nis to shrink. In addition, there are secondary problems with the quality of erection in the future, which may be reflected in the possible emergence of erectile dysfunction best pills to cure ED is Fildena 150mg.

Urethral failure: 

Another disorder that cannot be controlled is developmental disorders of the urinary tract. These cases are associated with the appearance of the bladder, which entails a collapse of the urethra and, consequently, a shortening of the genitals. The overall length and size of the organs will suffer.

Insufficient blood supply: 

While the above-mentioned reasons are practically unsolvable without professional assistance, the insufficient blood supply to the organs can also be solved “at home.” If not sufficient blood gets into the organs, there is no 100% erection, and it is not possible to reach the necessary length or thickness.


I would like to mention and, at the same time, draw attention to one thing, and that is high demands. Men often have very high expectations of their nature, both in terms of length and thickness. In this case, it can also be a manifestation of low self-confidence or misunderstanding of one’s own possibilities.


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