What happens with electroneum in 2021

Electroneum price prediction

Electronium cryptocurrency is a new digital project focused on providing ease of use of crypto technologies and increasing their availability for the general user.  Mainly, the creators of this coin are counting on attracting users who prefer to use mobile devices, so they focused on the creation of advanced mobile applications.

Electroneum, like other cryptocurrencies, is a digital currency built using blockchain technology.  What’s so unique about this?  What makes this coin different from others?

Main principles

With the help of this crypto platform, players will be able to save the earned game money, transfer it to other game projects or withdraw it in the form of fiat currencies.  The principle of operation of this cryptocurrency system is quite simple:

•  almost all mobile gaming applications the more difficult it is to get it, the higher it is valued within the crypto network;

• after reaching a certain level of progress in the game, players often completely lose interest in the application, which is why game projects constantly suffer from user churn; 

•  crypto platform Electroneum can offer gaming applications a unique digital platform in the format of an exchange, where users can sell and purchase game money.

Owners of mobile games, thanks to the Electroneum coin, get an additional tool that allows them to retain a user audience and get additional profit from selling ads.  Users will be interested in staying inside the gameplay to earn virtual game currency and then resell it in order to convert such money into fiat.

Electronium is trying to change that, and you can only get started by downloading the app.

According to statistics, all mobile applications lose up to 80 percent of their users within the first two months after their installation.  Multiplayer game projects reach this figure within a month.  Thus, the gaming industry suffers from a high turnover of gamers with which the creators’ coin decided to start fighting.

Electroneum price prediction 2021

Here are the main ideas:

1.  Electroneum expects users to like it because of its ease of use;

2.  this coin is confidential;

3.  a wide community that will provide worldwide recognition;

4.  an active advertising campaign is expected to expand the user base and investors of the Electroneum project;

5.  the team of programmers will expand to create their own advanced digital cryptocurrency exchange; 

6.  the beginning of cooperation with the largest representatives of the gaming industry for the full integration of technical solutions of the crypto project;

7.  integration of Electroneum crypto mining into other digital projects and software platforms, the beginning of interaction with other crypto projects, as well as the gradual expansion of the market.


Taking into account the factors voiced, according to analysts and observers of the cryptocurrency market, the Electroneum coin has all the prospects for further successful development.  It should be noted that thanks to the use of a decentralized blockchain network, a high level of reliability and security of stored digital assets and transactions is ensured, which opens up new opportunities for most Internet users.


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