What are the effects of using the inversion table on cervical and back pain?

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A lot of people think that the inversion table specifically helps in improving the back pain and back muscles which is true but that is not just what the inversion table does it also helps in cervical pain too. Neck pain is one of the most common issues patients face after experiencing any kind of accident or hurting their cervical spine. In order to release them from the troubling pain, the table is crafted in such a way that helps in giving relief to the people suffering from cervical pain or neck injury. Here in this article, we’ll address the effects of using the inversion table on cervical pain and back pain. 

Use of Inversion Table for Cervical Pain

Vertebral compression is a very common reason why people undergo discomfort and pain in their neck. This can pinch spinal nerves and twist soft tissues and muscles that causes tightness and difficulty in the movement. Inversion tables offer a soothing method to relieve the cause of these symptoms by taking the help of gravity in order to loosen and reduce the stress in the spine.

The spines have vertebrae bones and soft gel-like discs in-between, that usually helps many people to stay upright and walk with ease. The inversion table or therapy helps to temporarily increase this space to encourage blood circulations, stretch the stiff muscles, and give your spine a break from the everyday wear and tear experienced by the body. The table also helps in healing if you are in the rehabilitative phase of your care after a tragic accident or injury. 

What are the effects of Inversion Tables when used for Cervical Pain?

Decompression of the spine by using the inversion table is a highly recommended alternative method to help relieve neck pain and spinal conditions that react well to physical rehabilitation and workout. The inversion table benefits the cervical pain in a far relaxing way, here are some numerous benefits that include:

● De-stress and tension relief

● Realigning the cervical vertebrae

● Posture is improved

● Reduces the level of compression present in your neck’s vertebrae

● Helps in curbing pain in other parts of your spine and not solely the neck

● Strengthen support muscles and tissues present  in your neck

● Adds another level of motion and flexibility in your body

● Helps rehydrate the spinal discs and increase the very much needed cushioning effect

● Encourages the entire spine to begin realignment naturally and easily

The users of inversion therapy usually undergo comp related injuries, or they have experienced some serious car accidents. This ultimately leads to more discomfort and uneasiness. For a majority of the people, this has enabled them to no longer need major pain medications and have installed neck pain relief than ever before.


As we said, the inversion table is a great fit for people suffering from any kind of a pain in the back, back muscles, cervical, or near the neck. It also helps in de-stressing yourself and detoxicates the body from unwanted elements. 

Using an inversion table has always worked for easing the pain and gave many a sigh of relief from the hours of severe pain. The table is crafted with an intention that helps people ease their pain. Not just this, we have also come across its other benefits that makes us want it even more. However, all things said we’ll always suggest you first take some advice from your physiotherapist and then install it in your daily routines. Just like everything this too comes with its own set of pros and cons. So don’t forget if there are advantages then there are also disadvantages so take the precaution and install it only when you receive a green signal from an experienced individual. 


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