Ways to decorate with faux flowers

faux flowers

Subtle changes in your home décor can dramatically transform the ambience and tone of the room. If you are interested in adding pizzazz to your room, you can think of using wall art. Using unconventional decorative pieces, faux flowers or artificial plants can spruce up a room nicely. Although using real flowers is great because of the freshness and fragrance they add, it is not always possible. It is impractical to have fresh flowers all year round in the house and seems wasteful too. That is why using faux flowers can be beneficial. However, to do so, you have to come up with creative options that will make them blend in. 

Let us look at some ways to use faux flowers in your home. 

  1. Bulk requirements – Faux flowers are great for when you are planning a party or a celebration that requires elaborate decorations. For events like baby showers, engagement announcements, or house parties, you might not wish to hire a professional to do the décor and can easily do it yourself using a blend of real and artificial flowers. It is advisable to opt for real flowers which are going to be placed in vases on tables and go for artificial ones when you wish to decorate walls or ceilings. 
  2. Do your homework – When you wish to do your research regarding faux flowers you can just go online and search for “artificial flower online”. Besides this, you can visit florists and local shops to see what they have to offer. Going to florists will give you an idea of how real flowers are supposed to look. You can use that to find flowers that are closest to how you want your artificial flowers to look.
  3. Quality of flowers – If you are looking to make this a permanent attraction in your home, it is best you look for flowers that are closest to the real deal. The shades should be as close as possible to the original along with the shape. Look for flowers that have the details done right. 
  4. Colours – Try not to opt for flowers that have unrealistic colours. Going for flowers with a lot of colours bunched together might look overwhelming and make it obvious that artificial flowers are being used. Use colours that match the background and the overall colour scheme of the room. 
  5. Variety – Variety is the key to making sure the impact of artificial bouquets is as intended. Try combining bloomed flowers (peonies, roses, lilies) with fillers, berries, and fern. Adding a twig here and a few berries there can make all the difference and make it look better than just a big bunch of flowers. 
  6. Care and maintenance – The best part about faux flowers is the low maintenance and that you are not restricted by season. You can take your pick and decorate as per you whenever you feel like. Even though artificial flowers need lesser care, it is always best to make sure they look fresh at all times. The curves and corners can gather dust making the arrangement look shabby. Ensure you clean the flowers regularly as directed by the vendor. 

Flowers can spread joy and make a space look peppy and pretty. Decorate and feel the positivity!



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