Way to Bunny Hop in CSGO


Counter-Strike Global Offensive leading game of 2020 has so much that’s still not discovered by the csgo players. There are so many tricks and techniques that the csgo players can use to win. Among all, hopping is the most convenient and efficient way to run faster in csgo. If you are an old player of csgo, you must have an idea that a csgo character runs at a faster speed with a knife in hand. On the other hand, the bunny hopping makes the movement expeditious. If you are looking forward to knowing more about bunny hopping, then keep on reading the blog. It has all a csgo would like to know about bunny hopping.

Bunny Hopping:

if you look at the older days when Counterstrike was newly launched, then at that time, it was the only way to increase the moving speed. However, with time and to make the game more interesting, Valve has introduced many other ways. But the method to jump again while your land and keep up with the movement than this is known as bunny hopping, and it is still quite popular among csgo players. Sounds simple and easy? But it’s not that easy to get. The player needs to put in a lot of effort, time, and practice to master the art of bunny hopping.

Factors that affect bunny hopping:

There are not many factors that affect bunny hopping, but one that affects its performance is the tick rate. If you are a pro csgo player, then tick rate isn’t a new term for you, but beginners it the rate at which csgo player sees the change or update. If you start playing with anew server and that server has a tick rate faster or slower than the previous one, then everything will be new to you. You may feel that you have no practice of bunny hooping, and you are doing it for the first time.

How to add csgo to the store:

Now that you know that this is the method through which you can move at a faster speed, its time we see in-depth the procedure to add this skill to our csgo store. To do so have a look at the following points:

Add the hotkeys:

There are so many hotkeys you can add to perform the sequential jumps in csgo known as bunny hopping. The most common hotkey that many players use to perform bunny hopping is a spacebar, however, getting the best results using this hotkey is quite challenging. But there is nothing to worry about as with some simple steps you can solve this problem.

  • Open up the console or the Autoexec file.
  • Add Bind mwheelup +jump and Bind mwheeldown +jump on any of the above.

In the case of the Autoexec file, find the config folder to make the changes. These changes will make bunny hopping easy for you, even if you don’t have a good grip over the spacebar hotkey. After copy and pasting these above commands, you can now bunny hop using your mouse. Bunny hopping done using the mouse is much comfortable then bunny hopping with the keyboard.

Keep an eye on your improvement:

if you want to improve in csgo, then you cannot depend just on bunny hopping. One thing that you need to do is tracking your progress and performance. For this purpose, you need to make some changes to the Autoexec file. So all you need to do is add Cl_showpos 1 to the file and enjoy tracking.

Destroy the block with Strafing:

If you want to destroy the speed blockage of csgo with bunny hopping, then you must make use of strafing. The angular movement of the player is known as strafing. To perform these movements, you need you to synchronize your left and right moves. To be an expert at it, you need to choose the right area and do a lot of practice.

Choose the right style:

There are so many jumping styles you can choose from. However, if we look at real-life and csgo, forward jumping is the easiest and common one. But which style is best, vary from one player to another? Some players find backward and sideway hopping easier than forward. There are different keys for forward, backward, and sideways hopping. For example, to hop sideways, you need to choose s and w, and for back, you need to use only s.

Wrapping Up:

If you are a csgo player and looking forward to ranking up from gold nova master, then you need to make use of csgo tricks and techniques. To speed up bunny hopping is the oldest and the best way. You can do it through the above mention keys and by using the above styles and commands.


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