Virtual Salon: Ways to increase your business presence online.


Thanks to the pandemic, the world has gone virtual. Every industry you see is now online and providing services to customers all over the globe. Well, in a way, this is great as your buyers are not just limited to your physical borders. It creates a grand opportunity to expand your business to the places you’ve never been to.

But the influential question lies, how to enhance the content to expand the customer base. Here are some tips to follow that can help,

Show off your Salon

Every beauty salon has its aesthetics and looks. Show the accessories that appeal best to your clients and showcase the beautiful corners of your working areas. The items that please the eyes please the mind as well. Produce video content and images that you can post on your socials. Place your products & accessories (along with some aesthetically pleasing show items) in a defined manner where the lighting is fabulous. With all of these formulated, you will be able to pull out beautiful content. 

Before & After is a must.

Any person who usually walks into the salon would want to know how they look after the transformation. A proper haircut changes the entire look of the person, making them more appealing. Use this to your advantage and create before & after images of every client who walks in for any service. You can apply this idea to all the services you provide. From makeup to manicure, pedicure to the haircut. People online love to watch the transformation content. However, do not forget to take consent from your client before posting anything about them.

Collaborations and more collaborations.

No one can influence the audience to use a product as much as the beauty influencers can. They can make or break the image of beauty products and services. Take them to your advantage and conduct collaborations with them. You can choose to go live on Instagram or make a youtube video about it. With beauty influencers, there are only a few topics that you can’t talk about. It’s entertaining, informative and good for your business. Another advantage is that you will also have the influencer’s followers to follow you. Thus, increasing your viewer base.

Contact the right one’s

As a part of marketing, you’d want to contact different brands and influencers to get them to endorse your beauty salon. But sometimes finding their contact becomes really difficult. Instead of accessing their phone number and other details, it is ideal to obtain their official email address. Thay way, you can expect a response as even they will understand your professionalism. 

Utilize the email lookup tool to get in touch with your prefered contacts. is the right website where you can find any contacts within just a matter of seconds. It is highly effective and efficient. It also comes with a chrome extension to your Linkedin account, making it easier for you to find the profile’s email address.

Propose discounts and other offers

Every follower on your list feels like they are a part of your clan, something that others are not. Utilize this to your advantage and make them feel special for being an active participant on your page. Present them with discounts and coupons every now and then. What’s better than making it a little fun. Come up with creative ideas like, for every newcomer a follower gets you; offer them a big discount. It will be a great way to increase your brand awareness while also keeping your existing clients happy.

More than just promotions

All promotions and no fun makes your page look dull. Many users come on social media for fun and entertainment. And you provide them with that. Create some funny memes or videos that are current and relevant. Sometimes, leave the promotion out the door and have fun. Stay relevant and create content according to it. Be it funny or emotional, viewers must be able to relate. It creates a human connection between the brand and the public.

Don’t forget to go local.

Agreed, with the fact, that you have a great customer base online where you guide them with your beauty solutions. However, it is equally important not to forget to go local. Be a part of the local events, physical or virtual. It gets you enough exposure in your own area for people to support local businesses. You can collude with other stores around the same region and give shoutouts to each other. It creates a great bond with another market and becomes a win-win situation for you both.

Agreed, isn’t it? Are there any more ideas you can come up with? Take a pen & paper and get going!


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