Types of Coolsculpting


From various workout routines to diet plans, nothing works when it comes to certain areas of your body with unwanted fat. However, with cool sculpting, you do not have to worry about carrying the unflattering fat potion on your body. The best part about this method is that it is non-invasive, so all the people who are scared of injections and surgeries can get rid of the excess fat too. Cool sculpting is done by freezing skin cells to a specific temperature where they become numb. Once the procedure is done, the targeted skin sheds off your body, removing the excess fat. 

Not only is this method painless, but it is also super quick and convenient for anyone. Moreover, it removes fat from the most challenging area, which even workouts and diets cannot reduce. So contact Newport Beach coolsculpting and book an appointment today!

Types of cool sculpting 

1. CoolAdvantage PetiteĀ 

As the name suggests, the CoolAdvantage Petite small application, but the results are far superior. In CoolAdvantage Petite, the most troubling area of your body is targeted for fat reduction, like, your upper arms. So, it is difficult to get rid of the fat present there; coolsculpting might be the most effective and quick way to sculpt that area. 

Since the CoolAdvantage Petite has two interchangeable contours, it helps to shape areas of the body, like the upper arms, where more than one side needs to be sculpted. Additionally, it makes it the perfect path for all the small or pocket areas of your body that giant applications cannot reach. It makes things easier for the patient and the doctor, boosting fat reduction.  

2. Cool Advantage PlusĀ 

CoolAdvantage Plus has a versatile application that can treat various areas of your body. The CoolAdvantage Plus can reduce fat from several places in your body, from smaller regions to large sizes. This is because the application has different types of contours that are interchangeable. 

CoolAdvantage Plus is primarily preferred for more prominent areas like thighs and abdomen that need to be covered quickly. Additionally, it works best for pinchable fat areas as it can treat those areas within 35 mins. The best part about this applicator is it helps in reducing bruises or scars which are left behind from any wounds you had in the past. 

Often severe wounds might leave a mark or scar behind. However, these types of businesses do not leave your skin quickly. Such a tool like CoolAdvantage Plus can help reduce the intensity of those scars resulting in an even and smooth skin surface.  


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