Types of Barbells


When we talk about training and stamina and strength training the barbells are always helpful for heavy lifting. Now that gym training has become a lifestyle or regular need some gym heads bought specialized stuff for their stock. Specialized stuff and barbells come in all types of shapes and curls and sizes so with them you can train well and add quality to your exercise but this will also pump you up and allows you to go beyond your limits and end up with an injury.

Different types of standard barbells are as follows.

Standard Bar

If you have ever had the privilege to go to a gym or you are a regular weightlifter, your only concern is the standard bar. These bars are the most common type of them all. Talking about their structure well they are 7 feet long rods and are unable to bend or curve but sometime they will bend because of the heavy weight you put on them that will make them useless because that weight will change their shape.  They come in different quality.

Some bars also have the grip to get your hands good on them, these bars are great for hard exercises and a variety of different exercises. These bars are available in different types for specific exercises like Squat Bars, Deadlift Bars, Bench Press Bar. This bar weight is about 45 lbs, some have up to 50 because of the grips.

Olympic Weightlifting bars

 These bars are designed in such a way for sports stuff and weightlifting that they can boost up your performance and decreases the risk of injury they may give a look same like power bars but they are a lot different because of the sporting nature of them. They made in such a way that they provide more bund then a regular typical bar give. They also have bearings which allow them to spin which helps you in decreasing the wrist and elbow injury. Bar weight is 20 kilogram.

Swiss Bar

This specific bar is used for typical superior body exercises listed as pressing, triceps extensions and curlings. The neutral grip allows you to exercise easier if you are facing a muscle pull or coming back from an injury. This bar’s weight is 35lbs.

Safety Squat Bars

This is a specialty bar as I said at the top this contain outside handles like hands to grip which allows you to grip the bars indirectly and it comes with resting neck pads allows you to rest the bar at your neck with the arms grips the whole bar. This special type of bar is used when you feel slight discomfort or pain after using the regular Squat bar. This safety bar will disturb the mechanism of the regular squat as it has the arms holding the bar but this will allows you to hit more hamstring and hit the deep lower back muscles. The bar’s weight is about 60-65 pounds

Curl Bar

With this curl bar you can train your biceps more easily because of the curl it has allowed you to bend your wrist. This bar comes in a weight of 12-15 pound.

Trap Bar

The name of the bars tells its shape as well. If you look at its shape you will have the image of a hexagon this helps you to make your position right in the center of the bar for deadlifts. This is one of best bar for the deadlift exercises because it gives you a proper angle or I must say posture when you lift heavier weight. If you intend to explore more about bars and other equipment MyGymMachines is there to help you.


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