Top Girl Baby Names in Tamil: A to Z suggestions for your little one!


Are you looking for the perfect girl baby name in Tamil for your little one? Choosing a name for your precious bundle of joy is a significant decision, as it will stay with them for a lifetime. Tamil names are known for their unique meanings, cultural significance, and beautiful sound. Whether you are looking for a traditional name, a modern name, or something in between, this comprehensive guide will help you find the perfect name for your baby girl. From A to Z, we have curated a list of top girl baby names in Tamil to inspire and guide you in this important decision.


1. Aaradhana

Meaning: Worship

2. Abinaya

Meaning: Actress

3. Ahana

Meaning: Inner light

4. Akshara

Meaning: Letter

5. Ananya

Meaning: Unique


1. Bhuvana

Meaning: Earth

2. Banu

Meaning: Sun

3. Bhuvika

Meaning: Heaven

4. Bhagya

Meaning: Lucky

5. Bhavana

Meaning: Feelings


1. Charulatha

Meaning: Beautiful vine

2. Chitra

Meaning: Picture

3. Chandana

Meaning: Sandalwood

4. Charumathi

Meaning: Beautiful

5. Chellam

Meaning: Precious


1. Dhanya

Meaning: Thankful

2. Deeksha

Meaning: Study

3. Divya

Meaning: Divine

4. Durga

Meaning: Goddess Durga

5. Devaki

Meaning: Mother of Lord Krishna


1. Elakkiya

Meaning: Literature

2. Elampirai

Meaning: Bright crescent

3. Ezhil

Meaning: Beauty

4. Eshwari

Meaning: Goddess Parvati

5. Eniya

Meaning: Special


1. Fathima

Meaning: Prophet Muhammad’s daughter

2. Femila

Meaning: Comfort

3. Fenila

Meaning: Loyalty

4. Feroza

Meaning: Turquoise gem

5. Fathilah

Meaning: Confidence


1. Gayathri

Meaning: Goddess Gayathri

2. Geetha

Meaning: Song

3. Greeshma

Meaning: Summer

4. Ganga

Meaning: Sacred river

5. Gowri

Meaning: Fair complexioned


1. Hamsika

Meaning: Goddess Saraswati

2. Harini

Meaning: Deer

3. Hemalatha

Meaning: Golden creeper

4. Hema

Meaning: Golden

5. Hitha

Meaning: Lovable


1. Indira

Meaning: Goddess Lakshmi

2. Ishika

Meaning: Sacred

3. Iswarya

Meaning: Goddess

4. Ilamathi

Meaning: Youthful

5. Inba

Meaning: Happiness


1. Janani

Meaning: Mother

2. Jeevitha

Meaning: Life

3. Jyothi

Meaning: Light

4. Janani

Meaning: Mother

5. Janani

Meaning: Mother


1. Kaviya

Meaning: Poem

2. Karthika

Meaning: Hindu month

3. Krithika

Meaning: Name of a star

4. Kalyani

Meaning: Auspicious

5. Kamala

Meaning: Lotus


1. Lakshana

Meaning: Symbol

2. Lavanya

Meaning: Grace

3. Leelavati

Meaning: Playful

4. Lekha

Meaning: Writing

5. Lalitha

Meaning: Beautiful


1. Meenakshi

Meaning: Goddess Parvati

2. Mahalakshmi

Meaning: Goddess Lakshmi

3. Mridula

Meaning: Soft

4. Mythili

Meaning: Sita

5. Manju

Meaning: Sweet


1. Nalini

Meaning: Lotus

2. Nandhini

Meaning: Goddess Durga

3. Nithya

Meaning: Eternal

4. Nithila

Meaning: Beautiful

5. Nila

Meaning: Blue


1. Omala

Meaning: Earth

2. Oviya

Meaning: Artist

3. Oormila

Meaning: Lakshmana’s wife

4. Olga

Meaning: Holy

5. Oviya

Meaning: Artist


1. Priya

Meaning: Beloved

2. Parvathi

Meaning: Goddess Parvati

3. Pavithra

Meaning: Pure

4. Padmini

Meaning: Lotus

5. Ponni

Meaning: Golden


1. Quin

Meaning: Fifth in order

2. Quila

Meaning: Feather

3. Qira

Meaning: Light

4. Qarryn

Meaning: Pure heart

5. Quinna

Meaning: Intelligence


1. Raji

Meaning: Shining

2. Radha

Meaning: Success

3. Ranjini

Meaning: Pleasing

4. Revathi

Meaning: Wealth

5. Rithika

Meaning: Joyful


1. Saranya

Meaning: Surrender

2. Sathya

Meaning: Truth

3. Sivagami

Meaning: Goddess Parvati

4. Shalini

Meaning: Modesty

5. Suganya

Meaning: Good girl


1. Tharini

Meaning: Earth

2. Thurga

Meaning: Goddess Durga

3. Tharika

Meaning: Star

4. Thulasi

Meaning: Holy plant

5. Thamizhini

Meaning: Tamil girl


1. Uma

Meaning: Goddess Parvati

2. Uthra

Meaning: Prosperity

3. Usharani

Meaning: Wife of Lord Shiva

4. Urmila

Meaning: Lakshmana’s wife

5. Uthra

Meaning: Prosperity


1. Vaishnavi

Meaning: Goddess Parvati

2. Vasanthi

Meaning: Spring

3. Vijaya

Meaning: Victory

4. Vidhya

Meaning: Knowledge

5. Vasantha

Meaning: Spring


1. Wasna

Meaning: Fulfill desires

2. Wathanya

Meaning: Flower

3. Winitha

Meaning: Victorious

4. Wignesha

Meaning: Lord Ganesha

5. Webam

Meaning: Precious


1. Xena

Meaning: Hospitable

2. Xara

Meaning: Gift

3. Xalvina

Meaning: Light

4. Xelina

Meaning: Brilliant

5. Xira

Meaning: Beautiful


1. Yamini

Meaning: Night

2. Yashoda

Meaning: Krishna’s mother

3. Yogini

Meaning: One who practices yoga

4. Yamuna

Meaning: Holy river

5. Yazhini

Meaning: Musical instrument


1. Zuryaa

Meaning: Sunshine

2. Zoya

Meaning: Life

3. Zehra

Meaning: White

4. Zenia

Meaning: Born of Zeus

5. Zaritha

Meaning: Intelligent

After going through this comprehensive list of top girl baby names in Tamil from A to Z, you might still have some questions in your mind. Here are some FAQs to help you with your decision-making process:


1. What should I consider while choosing a baby name in Tamil for my daughter?

When choosing a baby name for your daughter, consider factors such as the meaning of the name, cultural significance, ease of pronunciation, and how it sounds with your last name.

2. Can I combine traditional and modern names for my daughter’s name?

Yes, you can definitely combine traditional and modern names to create a unique name for your daughter. For example, you can combine a traditional Tamil name with a more modern or trendy name.

3. Is it important to consider the astrological significance of my daughter’s name?

In Tamil culture, the astrological significance of a name is often considered important. You may consult with an astrologer or family elder to ensure that the name is astrologically suitable for your daughter.

4. Should I choose a name based on its popularity or uniqueness?

The choice between a popular name and a unique name is entirely up to you. Popular names may be comforting due to their familiarity, while unique names can make your daughter stand out. Consider what matters most to you and your family.

5. How can I ensure that my daughter’s name is easy to spell and pronounce?

Choosing a name that is easy to spell and pronounce will prevent confusion and make it easier for your daughter as she grows up. Try to avoid names with complex spellings or pronunciations unless they hold significant cultural or personal meaning for you.

6. Should I involve my family in the decision-making process for my daughter’s name?

Involving your family in choosing your daughter’s name can be a special and bonding experience. It can also help you consider different perspectives and traditions that may influence your decision.

7. Can I choose a name for my daughter based on its meaning alone?

While the meaning of a name is important, remember to also consider how the name sounds with your last name, its cultural significance, and any personal connections you may have to the name. Balance the meaning with other factors to find the perfect name for your daughter.

8. Are there any auspicious times or days to announce my daughter’s name in Tamil culture?

In Tamil culture, certain days or times may be considered more auspicious for naming ceremonies. Consult with a priest or elder in your family to determine the best time to announce and officially name your daughter.

9. Can I change my daughter’s name later if I am not satisfied with my initial choice?

While it is possible to change your daughter’s name later in life, it is best to choose a name thoughtfully from the beginning to avoid confusion and paperwork later on. Take your time, do your research, and choose a name that feels right for your daughter.

10. How can I ensure that my daughter’s name reflects our Tamil heritage and culture?

To ensure that your daughter’s name reflects your Tamil heritage and culture, consider traditional Tamil names, names with meaningful Tamil words or symbols, or names of Tamil deities or historical figures. Research the significance of the name to make an informed decision.

Choosing a name for your baby girl is a special and joyous occasion. Take your time, explore different options, and select a name that resonates with you and your family. Your daughter’s name will be a gift that she carries throughout her life, so make it meaningful and memorable. May your little one be blessed with happiness, health, and prosperity with her beautiful Tamil name!


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