Top 5 Technologies Using Bitcoin:


A study of cryptocurrencies or distributed ledgers would be meaningless without looking at the multiple stakeholders who are currently active in this complex sector. The options are many and quickly expanding, ranging from cryptocurrency to payment or digital platforms. Most people are aware of Cryptocurrencies, but with over 900-1200 cryptocurrencies offered for purchase in the worldwide marketplace as of September 2017, and with new firms regularly joining the market to profit on the expected exponential development, navigating the industry can be incredibly difficult. Digital currencies are far more than simply bitcoin and money. With some of its ability to enhance openness and fairness while saving companies time and money, technology is influencing a broad range of industries in ways ranging from dispute resolution to government transparency.

In a variety of businesses, blockchain is demonstrating to be a genuine disruptor. The technology has been proven so promising that neither other than Microsoft, the world’s largest technology corporation, is committing more than $1.2 billion in research & innovation. Additionally, more than a 90percent of people of European and American banks are looking at blockchain technology. Government, banking, insurance, and individual identity security are just a few of the fields where the technology may impact.

We’ve compiled a list of 35 remarkable blockchain-related examples from businesses in the United States. While some are purely blockchain businesses, others are well-known brands that have embraced the new technology. Regardless, everyone else on our list is showcasing how the may help improve the future. Even though bitcoin was once supposed to be exclusively fit for the financial sector, it has beginning to disrupt various areas as well. As a result, we currently have an extensive range of suggestions in the pilot stage or used within the business.

  • Finance and Banking:

  1. BBVA: 

BBVA is also one of the firms that have used blockchain-based in the banking industry. Using this fantastic technology, Red Outlier detection Corporation and BBVA just completed a multilateral loan. The sale was apparently for billion dollars, according to MUFG, Deutsche Bank, and BBVA. Furthermore, the loan was received in record time using BBVA’s blockchain technology. Currently, the company is very optimistic about the use of technology throughout future work.

2. Sanpaolo Intesa:

The Italian banking group Banca Intesa Sanpaolo is adopting blockchain technology to validate trade data. Deloitte, Endless Wall, and indeed the bank has recently begun to test the system. They are also using the Open Timestamps protocol, which Bitcoin powers. In any case, Bitcoin’s primary contributor Peter Todd is the brains behind the system. 

  • Supply Chain Management:

  1. De Beers: 

DE Beers is yet another company that uses blockchain in its supply chain. They created a Small section of blockchain technology to help govern the supply chain system. Furthermore, you can monitor any diamond from the gold mine to the retail shop using this software. It’s a fantastic approach to demonstrate that DeBeers’ diamonds are genuine.

2. Unilever:

Unilever is another business that provides blockchain in its supply chain. Unilever is deploying technology to manage the tea business. Furthermore, they may follow suppliers to ensure that quality is preserved.

  • Insuring Yourself:

  1. AIA:

AIA Group is another large corporation that is using bitcoin for insurance reasons. In reality, the firm teamed with other banks to write the report for life insurance products. This application will use blockchain technology to help transmit documentation and administrative data in real-time through a secure channel. It is, in their opinion, one option on the market.

2. MetLife:

MetLife is another significant business that has used blockchain technology. Lumen Lab is MetLife’s Malaysia incubator firm, and they’re working on a Life chain alongside NTUC Income with Jurong Press Holdings (SPH). You may use this platform to support your loved ones in evaluating if the dead had a policy or not, and it will quickly submit an expense report if needed.

  • Energy:

  1. Shell:

Shell is one of the oil firms that has used blockchain technology. Shell plans to develop bitcoin in crude oil trading with Essar Space Technology Co Ltd or Macquarie. Additionally, they had successfully determined the technology for use in the oil industry. In any case, the platform makes it simple to track products while also promoting openness and combating fraud.

2. Siemens:

Another corporation that is already investing in bitcoin for energy is Siemens. Furthermore, the firm has said that it intends to bring development to the energy industry. In any case, they want to extend the solution that includes Energy Generation Companies as well.



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