Top 5 Points to Consider While Relocating To a New Home In London


Are you considering relocating to London? They say that home is where the heart is, but what if your heart is unsure of its intended place?

Whether you’re moving halfway across the state for a new job or want to get out of the city, relocating can be unpleasant. Here are a few things to consider when relocating to a new home in London.

Arrange For a Place to Stay Upon Your Arrival

When we arrived, we were without a place to stay, so we stayed with some wonderful friends. While staying in a hotel can quickly consume your cash, ask friends in London if you can sleep on their sofa for a few weeks. It may seem strange and a little impolite, but everyone does it when they first relocate to London. If you have some extra luggage to store, you can use storage unit facilities for that.

Find Your Apartment

There are many methods to find an apartment in London, but the ideal approach is to share with relatives or friends. This way, you can be comfortable that you are not being fooled and will not return home to discover someone pouring through your drawer.

Numerous online platforms are available to assist you in finding an apartment. Nestpick, for instance, is a site that combines listings from a variety of different rental sites and allows you to read and sift through the ads conveniently. You can also use the London Storage Facility to move your household stuff until you find an apartment safely. During home searching, ensure that your apartment is near a tube stop.

How much does the average rent in London cost?

There is a reason London is considered one of the world’s most expensive cities, and it is because renting any property is more costly than the countrywide average. According to Homelet, the average monthly rental cost for new rentals in London is around £1,600. As with every major European city, rental rates vary by neighbourhood, which means that if you’re ready to adjust and compromise, you’ll most probably be able to find a neighbourhood that fits your budget. If you are staying in the southern side of London near Brighton, you can use self-storage in Brighton. This service will be handy for storing extra stuff after finding an apartment.

What do you need to know about London’s public transport?

London has a great public transportation system that will safely transport you from point A to point B. The tube is the most used means of transport in town and the fastest way to get around. This underground rail system is divided into several lines and colours.

Acknowledge the Cost of Living

Food is cheaper in London than in Australia, and if you take a moment to shop at ASDA rather than Waitrose, you will save some bucks on groceries. I would bring my lunch to work and dine at home on most evenings to save money. I spent around £70 each week on food. Several websites provide fantastic discounts and bargains, and there is no embarrassment in using them since everybody in London does this!


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