The Mesmerizing effect of Beach Walks on Your Mind

The Mesmerizing effect of
The Mesmerizing effect of

You might have gone for a number of beach walks that would have suited your mental satisfaction, the one that would have given you a relaxing weekend from your busy schedule but do you now remember those moments or feel the same relaxation. Of course not. Nothing lasts forever. But what if, you are offered to go to the place where you will get the chance to relive your days. One walk that will help you drop off all the loads that you have been carrying on your shoulders. Will you accept such an offer? If yes then you will have to spare your weekend to reach out to such a place. 

The abovementioned place is known by the name of Southern Ocean Walk, a Guided Walk In Australia, 90 minutes away from Adelaide. A place far off from the city in order to offer the peace and sereness of nature. The place is not only occupied with sandy beaches but also dense yet stringybark forests, uneven landscapes, picturesque views, native birds and animals etc. In the Southern walk, your journey will commence from the longest of the trails known as Heysen Trail. After investing your some hours, you will reach the Deep Creek Conservation Park from where your further journey will start for the Tunkalilla Beach. 

Things you can do at Tunkalilla Beach 

The place is located 32 kilometers from Cape Jervis, a 5 kilometer sandy beach with breathtaking views along with grassy slopes accompanying the shore. Though the walk up to the beach is a challenging one still walking through the clifftops and rocky hillsides provide the most astonishing view you can ever have of The Page Islands and the back of Kangaroo Islands along with the birds eye view of the rocky coast. 

Walk along the coastline and feel the mist from the water touching your face and soothing your senses. Along with the steep slopes, the dolphins and the seals will escort you to the sandy beach from where only the roar of the ocean can be heard. Keep your head up to the sky to see the infinite sky meeting the sea at a far distant. As slowly you move towards the Boat Harbour, the vegetation catches the sight leaving behind the coastal view and the company of the steep slopes and seals and dolphins. From there you catch up your way for the next beautiful place- the Newland Head Conservation Park. 

More About Newland Head Conservation Park  

The Newland Head Conservation Park is located on the Southern Coast of the Fleurieu Peninsula and is the last step of your journey in this trail. The place is famous for surfing and fishing. Waitpinga and Parsons are two long beaches protected by this conservative park along with the rocky headlands and vegetation around the coast. If you have an interest in the sightseeing rather than surfing or fishing then walk up the hills and rugged cliffs and you will get have to the best view of the Waitpinga Creek, Encounter Bay, The Pages Islands in the Backstairs Passage and the Kangaroo Islands. 

This is the last stop in this trail when you can take out your shoes and immerse your legs in the sand of the beach and feel the fresh winds on your body. Though it is your last spot of the journey still it offers most photogenic spots to it’s visitors. 

So, after knowing of such a wonderful combination of nature and wildlife you must jumping over to spend your weekend here with your family. Therefore, plan out now and invest in this chance to refresh yourself. 


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