SEO Strategy for Startups: How to Win in 2021


For a decade, there has been a boom in the way SEO has been perceived. Though businesses have long back understood the power of SEO, in recent times they have realized that SEO can actually contribute to revenue generation as well. Thus, irrespective of whether the business is small or big, SEO services have become indispensable.

However, off late, SEO agencies have an all-new avenue i.e. startups. The digital boom has given a lot of startups hope to start and grow. In other words, a lot of startups have realized that having a well-planned SEO strategy can take them a long way. So, here are some pointers for SEO for startup business: 

  1. Have your research before: Before you launch, use SEO for conducting a market search and competitive research. You may have one of its kind ideas but you must look up to businesses that are in similar lines. Try understanding what and how they are doing in the digital space. Understand what are keywords they are using and what are keywords that you can embrace for your business. 
  2. Keyword is the key: Conducting keyword must be your priority. Keyword research means what are the keywords you must use. In that what are the primary keywords, supporting keywords and long-tail keywords that you must use? Once the keywords are defined, the next crucial step is to workout how to use the keywords in your keyword. In the quest to rank the search engine, don’t stuff your content with keywords. Use them right and wise. 
  3. Have a strategy in place: As a startup, your prime focus would be maximum visibility. However, that’s a common mistake that most startups look for. However, before you get into the digital marketing spree, define your strategy. An SEO strategy means, an understanding of who is your target audience, how do you wish them to perceive your brand, what is the tone of your brand communication, how loud or subtle your brand penetration want to be. Based on all these points create an SEO strategy. 
  4. Define the goals: If the strategy is your ultimate vision for your brand, the short term milestones are the SEO goals. These goals can be the hits for your website, the number of followers on social, the target engagement rate and more. These are like short term goals. While setting these, ensure to keep them reasonable and achievable. Define the goals in numbers like ___ these many website hits. 
  5. Allocate commercials: Now that your strategy is clear and the path to achieving the same, your next step is to allocate the budgets. As much as your target is for organic reach, you cannot deny that any SEO strategy calls for some budget. So, define your budget which will later define the magnitude of the implementation of the strategy. 
  6. Focus on the launch: After all the planning, as you are all set to launch yourself on the virtual space, focus on having everything before you get launched. In other words, as you launch ensure you have a well designed, written and on-page optimized website, well defined and designed social media handles and content that you can share for at least the first week. 
  7. Keep yourself light: In the quest to make your first impression right and big, a lot of startups miss out on the fact that you need to keep your website light. In other words, ensure to check to keep your website’s loading speed is less. Trial run it before. Also, not to forget, ensure that your website is mobile-friendly.
  8. Crawl the ranks: When it comes to SEO for startup business, remember, slow and steady is the key. Slowly reach the ranks. Focus on attaining slow but staying long. The mantra should be sustainability. Many times the strategy is loud and grand at the start, but very soon it falls flat. Therefore, aim for a slow yet long-lasting brand visibility. 
  9. Focus on quality and not quantity: A lot of startups in the initial days of launch feel, that they need to keep making themselves visible. Therefore, they post content almost every day on social media platforms, keep their blogs frequent. But the fact is, the focus should be on creating quality content. So it should be quality over quantity. Ensure the content is engaging, interesting, informative and focusses on building organic traffic. 

With the above mentioned key characters as the pillars for your SEO strategy, you can be assured of launching your startup smoothly. It is definitely overwhelming for a startup to finally see your business taking wings. However, considering that your brainchild is all set to take birth, ensure that your SEO strategy is not to keep your brand all over the place. The idea is to target it to the right audience, in the right possible way. 



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