SBI PO Exam: How to Improve your Preparation Strategy


The SBI PO examination is one of the most attractive ways to contribute to India’s banking industry. However, as the number of candidates rises year after year, the competitiveness has gotten more intense. Only serious candidates will be able to pass this exam due to the increasing competition and limited vacancies. You, too, can pass this exam with the right strategy, approach, and study plan. Visit this website to boost your exam preparation techniques and strategies. 

Candidates who want to work for the State Bank of India must pass the SBI PO 2021 examination. It is necessary to observe correct SBI PO 2021 preparation tips in order to pass the SBI PO exam 2021. Students should cover the SBI PO curriculum with effective time management, according to SBI PO 2021 preparation recommendations. The following are some strategies and techniques for passing the SBI PO exam:

1. Get acquainted with the most recent SBI PO exam pattern.

With the inclusion of sectional time in the prelims examination, the SBI PO format has already changed. You can no longer spend time in the exam according to your preferences or convenience. Each segment will have sectional timing, and you will have 20 minutes to complete each portion. Make sure you attempt as many questions as possible with great accuracy.

2. Understand the SBI PO Exam Stages.

  • Preliminary Examination

The preliminary exam has questions from three subjects: English Language (30 questions), Quantitative Aptitude (35 questions), and Reasoning Ability (35 questions) (35 Questions). The total number of questions is 100, and you have one hour to finish them. You should spend no more than 20 minutes on each of the three areas listed above.

  • Mains Examination

The SBI PO Mains exam is split up into two sections: objective and subjective/descriptive.

The Objective Test is made up of questions from four different disciplines. There are 45 questions in the Reasoning & Computer Aptitude portion, which should be completed in no more than 60 minutes. There are 35 questions in the Data Analysis & Interpretation portion, which must be completed in 60 minutes. The section on general/economic/banking awareness consists of 40 questions that must be answered in 40 minutes. Finally, there are 35 questions in the English Language part that must be completed in less than 40 minutes.

The Subjective/Descriptive Test consists of two English Language questions (Letter Writing & Essay). This part comprises a total of 50 marks. This part should take no more than 30 minutes to complete. As a result, the complete Mains test has 157 questions carrying 250 marks, in total. The Mains Exam has a maximum duration of 3.5 hours.

3. Study the most important topics first.

It is almost impossible to cover such a mammoth syllabus, however, with a smart study strategy you can identify which topics to focus more upon. Prepare two lists, the first list should contain a list of topics that are important and are covered by the candidate. In the second list, the candidate should write down the unprepared topics that are important from the examination perspective. By doing so, you will get better clarity and understanding of the topics that must be studied on a priority basis. 

4. Give timed Mock Tests.

Giving timed practise examinations will help you manage your time effectively on the exam day.  Practice at least two mock tests every day, in addition to revising the syllabus. You will first exceed the time duration but with consistent practice over a period of time, your speed and accuracy when answering the questions will increase. After you’ve completed the sample tests, go through your mistakes and correct them. Solve past year’s questions to get a sense of the kind of questions that are expected in the exam.

5. Use online study materials and tutorial videos to assist you.

To pass the SBI PO test, you no longer need to rely on pricey coaching schools. Through self-study, a number of candidates have been able to pass this exam. Make your preparation easier by using reliable internet sources for study resources. If you’re having trouble understanding a topic, watch a tutorial video to learn more about it. Use technology and the internet to your advantage to pass the SBI PO test with flying colours.

6. Avoid relying on guesswork as much as possible.

Negative marking is used in the SBI PO test, which eliminates guessing. To begin, answer all of the questions that you are familiar with. Then go back to those questions where you’re unsure between two alternatives. Then go on to the questions in which you have no prior knowledge. In the SBI PO test, don’t waste too much time on questions you don’t understand. To clear the exam, avoid attempting questions about which you have little knowledge. Practising mock exams can greatly assist you in obtaining more marks and a higher ranking in the SBI PO exam.

7. Maintain a healthy and relaxed state of mind.

While studying for the SBI test, it requires a year or two of intensive study. There will always be instances when a person’s attention is lost. It’s critical to maintain your mind and body healthy under such situations. Both a healthy mind as well as a healthy body are required to clear the exam. Good mental and physical health will keep you motivated and focused on your objective to clear the exam. 

Ultimately, there are no quick fixes for passing the SBI PO exam. In the end, it is your perseverance and hard effort that will only help you perform well in the exam. Find out why you’re taking the exam in the first place to help you get through the preparation process. During study sessions, take brief pauses to refresh yourself. To stay alert and to perform excellently in the exam, get enough amount of rest the night before the exam. Nothing and nobody can prevent you from clearing the SBI PO examination if you follow the above-mentioned tips diligently. Best wishes! 


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