Rolex Air King: Your Perfect Air-Travel Companion

Rolex Air King

The first thing that comes into mind when you hear the name Rolex is Luxury. Rolex is just a six letters word, but its name speaks a lot about their watches. It is a famous brand among those who love luxury watches. Its tagline, “A Crown for Every Achievement,” can have a different interpretation for each individual. However, it can be that a Rolex watch is a symbol of achieving your goals. For achieving something that you worked hard for, it is a suitable gift.

Rolex have a wide variety of watch models. One of the admired collections of watch enthusiasts around the world is the Air King Rolex. It is an aviation partner of pilots, specifically designed for that matter. First introduced in 1958 and became an in-demand model when Charles Douglas Barnard, an English aviator, wore it on his flight. The Air King Rolex received praise for its functionality.

What Makes Air King the Best Aviation Watch?

The Air King models have a black dial for easy reading during navigation. The 3, 6, and 9 markers are more prominent, and it has a remarkable minute scale. Every watch has the signature Air King logo that is easily recognizable among other Rolex timepieces. Air King Rolex is the continuation of the Rolex Oyster that made history in 1933. Rolex Oyster accompanied the Houston Expedition, the first flight across Mount Everest at 33 meters altitude and severe weather conditions. The Air King collection can defy extreme weather and altitude. 

You’ll Surely Admire the Newest Model

The Air King 116900 Black is the latest addition to the Rolex Air King collection. It has a prominent black dial, masculine hour markers, and a fancy green second hand. You can see everything outside of the Air King is of Oystersteel material, the 40-millimeter case, and the oyster bracelet. Air King 116900 is not only for aviation. You can also wear it for your water adventures. Its case is waterproof up to 100 meters. You can wear it anywhere with confidence. This watch boasts a 48 hours power reserve. It can keep working for two days without wearing it, saving you from the hassle of manually adjusting the time. The thing that will surely make you appreciate this model is its Chromalight display and blue luminescence. It is a beautiful and useful feature during the night, which makes the dial highly legible.

A Thorough Look Inside the Air King 116900

Knowing more about what is inside an Air King watch will help you fully appreciate the work hours put together to invent it. The watch movement is an accurate indicator of its capacity. Caliber 3131 is the movement of the Air King 116900. It features the ability to resist magnetic fields to maintain its accuracy. The Milgauss collection initially used the caliber 3131. It has passed the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute (COSC) quality test that ensures this watch movement’s precision. Inside, you can also find the Paraflex anti-shock system. With the Caliber 3131, Air King is undoubtedly a robust watch that can conquer extreme adventures.

Not Your Usual Rolex Watch

As the Air King collection had a long history, the latest model is controversial because of its character as a combination of three Rolex watches. The dial has a similarity with the Rolex Explorer, specifically its hour markers. It has the Rolex Milgauss case’s feature and its watch movement’s attributes, including the accuracy and the power reserve. The color and style are comparable to the Rolex chronograph and speedometer. Those who have been an avid fan of Rolex watches find the new Air King a diversion from what Rolex used to be. Each collection has its characteristics unique to each one. However, the Air King has a resemblance in its design and character to other collections. This model has the lowest price point among all Rolex watches and already has a Rolex quality. This character of the Air King makes it unique and the best aviation watch you will find.


Rolex has eight professional watches. The majority are for water sports and sea adventures; one is for racing, and the other is for everyday use in a cosmopolitan setting. The Air King collection is the only one designed to conquer aerial adventures. If you love to travel, visit places, or a part of the aviation industry, this watch is a must-have. It is perfect for pilots to guide them in their journey during flights. It also fits those who want to have a luxurious Rolex watch at an achievable price. With the years of experience, innovation, and expertise, Rolex has combined all the features needed to have an excellent aviation watch. It is not only durable and highly functional but is also comfortable to wear. The characteristics of the latest Air King Watch model is one that one should not miss.


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