Remote Hiring: How to Source, Screen and Hire Remote Employees

Remote Employees
Remote Employees

The nation over, associations have needed to get creative with how they source, screen, and hire new employees during COVID-19. Remote work has been gaining ground for several years at this point, yet it has sloped up quicker than anybody foreseen over the recent months. As employees, managers, and teams have discovered creative approaches to maintain productivity and work processes from home, company pioneers have begun to ask whether it makes sense to shift at any rate part of their workforce to remote status on a permanent basis. 

They have additionally needed to adjust standard hiring processes considering stay-at-home conventions as they consider how to help ability requests both now and later on. 

At Hire Velocity, we routinely help our customers with hiring quality ability in a remote environment, and we’ve arranged our best recommendations for sourcing, screening, hiring, and onboarding in a virtual environment. With the right technology and a few acclimations to your strategic process, remote hiring isn’t just possible, yet it very well may be similarly as effective. 


A significant number of your It outsourcing companies in UAE methodologies are presumably already taken care of with no in-person collaboration. You may already post on worksheets, maintain a lifelong page on your site, and publicize occupations on LinkedIn and other social platforms. In the event that you don’t, these are acceptable places to begin. 

Notwithstanding these activities, be that as it may, here are a couple of more approaches to extend your reach: 

  • Mobile Job Site and Application – Almost 50% of employment searchers are more prone to scan for occupations on a cell phone than on a work area. You can best reach these candidates by enhancing your place of work and application process for versatile. Furthermore, remember language for your activity page that tells candidates how you handle the remote interviewing and hiring process. 
  • Conduct a Virtual Job Fair – If you depend on work fairs to discover candidates, you’ll have to discover creative approaches to reach those equivalent individuals in a virtual environment. One approach to do that is to have a virtual activity reasonable utilizing a technology platform like Brazen. With a virtual activity reasonable, you can do video introductions to grandstand your company, and you can likewise plan one-on-one talks with candidates. 


Like sourcing, much of the screening process already happens a ways off. You may already utilize continued screening programming to limit your candidate list and recognize the most encouraging ability. Once you have your waitlist, be that as it may, you should conduct more itemized employer background screening in a remote environment. There are several tools available that can assist you with this process: 

  • Online appraisals – Candidate evaluations give you understanding into a person’s personality, inspirations, critical thinking skills, authority skills, specialized fitness, skills capability, and other key characteristics. A large portion of these appraisals can be conducted on the web, and headways in AI have made it possible to robotize much of the process while likewise evacuating predisposition. 
  • Chatbots – Recruiting chatbots can help you right off the bat in the screening process by social affair information from candidates about skills, qualifications, and certifications. They additionally assist candidates with feeling more drawn in with the process, answer regular inquiries that applicants may have, and improve the general candidate experience. 
  • Applicant Tracking Systems – You can utilize tools already accessible in your ATS to ask appraisal inquiries, search your current candidate pool, and channel candidates dependent on skills, accreditations, or other models. This causes you limited down your candidate records in anticipation of the meeting process. It can likewise assist you with finding promising candidates who may have applied at a previous time or who are already working with your company in a different job. 


Remote meetings may introduce the steepest expectation to absorb information for hiring managers who are accustomed to drawing in with candidates eye to eye during the last meeting process. Fortunately video and telephone meetings can achieve a significant number of similar objectives you would typically accomplish in person. Man-made intelligence empowered technology can diminish predisposition by evaluating candidate outward appearances and non-verbal communication. Set up your hiring managers to conduct fruitful virtual meetings with virtual preparing on methods and best practices for the arrangement. You can likewise assist candidates with getting ready for video meets by including a rundown of video interviewing tips in their candidate information. 


Once you have settled on an ultimate conclusion on which candidate(s) will get an offer, you may need to change a portion of your hiring methods to be conducted online instead of in person. For example: 

  • Legal Documents – Know what is totally required from a legal point of view as far as marks and witnesses, and discover approaches to achieve that virtually. Electronic marks are genuinely standard, however you may need to get creative for documents that require a witness. For example, you might have the option to solicit a relative from the recently recruited employee deployment to go about as witness, or you might have the option to witness the mark over Zoom. Recognize what is required in your state so you can make certain to meet all consistency rules. 
  • Background Checks – Talk with your background check merchant to determine what they can do virtually and which parts of the process are required in your state.


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