STOP! In the event that you are buying a window in Virginia, don’t just take the principal offer you get or go to a major box store and waste cash. Buying a window replacement Northern Virginia for your home can be an exceptionally productive and compensating experience, however just in the event that you know what to look for. 

At Window Company we replace “updated” windows that customers spent thousands on just a few years before because they thought they were getting it. This happens when you don’t have the foggiest idea what questions you ought to approach or what features to look for from quality windows. 

The problem is, most Virginia replacement windows companies won’t part with this data—they’d preferably sell you their windows, usually at a high markup with little value. We do things another way at a window company, so we’ve aggregated top notch quick tips to make sure your window buy winds up being a beneficial investment. 

This Guide will have you educated enough to make an educated decision on replacement windows regardless of who you buy from. Empowered buyers are savvy buyers and we don’t have to sell you on our windows. Our windows sell themselves and the degree of consideration we put into the subtleties sells our service. It’s the reason we are the top replacement windows company in Virginia a seemingly endless amount of time after year. 

When you read through this guide, don’t hesitate to call us and set up as a regular occurrence what we show you and we’ll have you while in transit to better windows in a matter of moments by any means. 



When buying replacement windows in Virginia, you need to make sure you are working with a reputable Virginia window company. Google any company you are considering and read customer surveys on sites, for example, Yelp, Google, and Angie’s List. 

When calling a window company in Virginia make sure to ask some basic qualifier inquiries, for example, 

  • How long have you been selling windows in Virginia? 
  • Who makes the replacement windows you are offering? 
  • Are the installers direct workers or recruited contractors? 
  • What are the installer’s certifications and are they insured? 
  • Do you have any industry accreditation or alliance with industry exchange affiliations? Does the company have any industry accreditations or affiliations? 

These questions may seem basic and common—however you’d be surprised at some of the reactions you get. There are quite a few window companies that buy generic windows, put a made brand name on them (white name assembling) and afterward have them installed by questionable outsider installers. 

When you buy windows from a vinyl windows company you get windows that are made right here in Texas and installed by our factory trained, certified professionals. Our windows, manufactured in Fort Worth, TX are: 

  • Built and tested for Texas heat 
  • Built to withstand Gulf Coast tropical storms 
  • Strong enough to deal with Virginia humidity 


On the off chance that you’ve at any point heard the expression: “In the event that it’s unrealistic, it presumably is an untruth”— at that point you ought to recollect that when shady window companies promote a $199.00 window bargain. This is your warning to stay away from that company totally. 

The $199.00 cost is extremely unrealistic and deliberately misleading because it is usually a rare estimated window, exceptionally bad quality or does exclude installation costs—which are then profoundly expanded. When you end up at the last cost in the wake of including all the hidden charges, you wind up paying a few times over the alleged, “extraordinary arrangement.” 

You get what you pay for when it comes to quality replacement windows in Virginia. Windows are an investment in your home’s value and efficiency—so on the off chance that you need the best return on your investment in vitality reserve funds and increased home value, you should be realistic in cost expectations. Quality windows will most recent 15 years or more at any rate. The $199.00 contrivance windows may not last two years before requiring replacement themselves. Which one is setting aside more cash at long last? 


Your window company ought to have your replacement windows uniquely designed to accommodate your window openings with no alteration. Except if you are changing the style or shape and size of your window, the opening may not have to be altered. Try not to stall out with windows that were made for someone else’s home, attempting to be pawned off on you by shady window companies. 

Window outlines and your scarves ought to have reinforcement, period. On the off chance that they aren’t—the band, for instance, will begin to droop and twist over time. This will lead to leaking windows that end up no locking right. 

Window scarves are combination welded, multi-chambered and strengthened on all sides of the window with material that is non-conductive of warmth or cold. These features foster vitality efficiency and thermal efficiency that helps keep electric expenses down.

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