Points To Note Down Before You Happen To Purchase A Car In UAE

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ekar uae dubai ppm mg 6

For people who do not have a sizable income purchasing a new car is a difficult task. At the classified sites in UAE, there are plenty of used cars in great condition and you have to shell out less money to purchase them. Research is of the opinion that a major chunk of customers is in favour of second-hand cars. But before you are going to purchase a second-hand car there are some points you have to keep in mind. Let us get to the details as follows.

Car type

First and foremost you have to consider the type of car you are planning to purchase. If you have a small family it could be a lightweight vehicle and for a growing family, a large car might be essential. Once you have a concise idea about the type of car you want to purchase would trim down the choices to a selected few and it becomes easier to choose an option

The budget

You should find a budget that suits the car type as you adopt a targeted approach. Do consider the depreciation along with the value of the car in the days to come. Now when the car is a couple of years old you can pay a price of 30% to 40 % of the total value and once again it is dependent upon the model. Certain car types hold a higher value in comparison to others. You should have a clear cut idea on the amount of money you can plan to shell out. Make it a point to include the cost of insurance and other expenses in the budget.


The moment you have decided to purchase a car opt for online classified websites in UAE. Here you are likely to come across reviews of customers who have gone on to purchase a car in the past. In fact, an online classified provides a perfect opportunity where buyers along with sellers meet up without any third-party intervention. The reason being it is going to help you save on commissions and other charges and under a single roof you can harp in on attractive deals. It really works wonders for people who are hard-pressed for time and on the lookout for a great deal.

A checklist is necessary

To purchase a second-hand car is not an easy task and things are not to be taken lightly. It is a major degree of purchase and undertakes proper research before you zero in on potential buyers. The buyers are entitled to seek out the history of the car relating to accident and repairs. By doing so it prevents any shocks to the owners later. One of the mistakes that most second-hand car users end up making is impulse buying. Do take time to study the market, understand the buying patterns before you make a decision. This is going to help you in the long run.


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