Paper Flip-top vs Tray and sleeve box – What is best for your pre-roll cones packaging

sleeve packaging
sleeve packaging

Packaging plays a crucial role in selling your product. It provides comfort and style and boosts the usefulness of the product. The packaging industry has been evolved a lot in the last few years because of its enhanced importance and vitality. A box is not a box anymore; it is a marketing tool, branding part, quality keeper, and the list never ends. Design is a crucial thing mainly when it is involved in the packaging of daily use products. Now packaging designers show great interest in designing and make sure that designs provide high-level comfort and style to users and facilitate them at best.

Coming towards vaping and smoking, there is a transparent boost seen in the last few years. After the arrival of medically approved cannabis sales have been increased. A new brand emerges almost every other day, and it is hard to sustain or keep successful in the market. Different strategies and promotional tactics are prevailing to keep them stand straight in the market. A unique decent, elegant boxing is one of the approaches many brands are trying these days. An aesthetic painting, metallic labeling foil coating, or embossing are all part of these attractive strategies that compel more customers. But that’s not all design of pre roll packaging is getting much more popular these days. Among the few most popular types of packaging, few are; Paper flip-top box, Tray, and sleeve boxes. All of them carry their perk, and both keep competing in the market these days. Here are a few advantages of both types of packaging design structure for buyer’s better understanding.

Sleeve and tray boxes:

Prominent style:  Tray and sleeve designs are comparatively new in the market, and that gives an extraordinary look to the product. On shelves, they look prominent, unique, and different. The charming and beautiful appearance charms the customers into buying the product. According to the research, almost 33% of decisions are made on the bases of appearance and presentation of the product.

  • Guaranteed protection:

Sleeve structured design is a two-part structure with multi-layers that provides extra protection to the item. A structure with additional layers and tray pattern ensure firmness and guarantee security. The shape of the sleeve boxes is generally rectangular. The form itself is enough to keep it stable and safe. Cigarettes keep intact, erect without bending in case of any pressure or damage. Customers who are habitual of vaping or smoking prefer this type of packaging because they realize that the company is earnest about quality. They prefer consumer comfort first then any other thing.

  • Professional appearance:

Tray and sleeve packaging is stylish and robust; it also offers professional appearance to the product. Cigarettes are not toys of kids that can present a funky or abstract look. It is a product for adults with unique tastes. So the tray and sleeve boxes are designed to offer a professional and elegant look to the product. Serious buyers tend to buy these boxes for its professional looks.

Paper Flip-top box:

Paper flip-top packaging is a popular type of packaging for boxes for many reasons few of them are

  • Easy opening:

Flip-top box designs for pre-roll packaging are considered user-friendly boxes. It is designed in a simple, robust, stable, and plan structure. People love for its easy opening just by a simple flip, and picking your cigarettes is easy. Moreover, it may flip down automatically, too, so easy to use and easy to keep the quality intact.

  • Portable:

The Flip-top box is very smartly designed to fit in pockets of your dress. So it is easy to carry them along with you. On the other hand, sleeve boxes are more substantial, and sometimes they are not easily carried in pockets. Also, they can drop out of pocket due to being a misfit. The paper flip box is easily portable in pockets due to its straight and straightforward structure.

  • Lightweight:

A regular smoker wants something in a packaging that is easier to handle, and if the packaging is stylish but more substantial than they might get fed up soon. And that might lead to switching the brand because of the weight of the packaging. Paper flip-top box is lighter in weight and perfect in size, which works like a blessing for regular smokers. Lightweight, easy portability and classic elegant style make it an accessible choice among many customers.


Both Flip-top box and tray & sleeve box have the perks that make them prefer choice. So it depends on you to buy the one packaging that suits best for particular needs. One thing both guarantees is the style that is different from others and safety from any damage.


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