Moving Your Online Business to a Physical Location


Operating an online business offers distinct advantages. Business owners can control operating costs because they don’t need to maintain a storefront, and they can expand their reach, targeting consumers around the world.

Some businesses do benefit from having a local, physical location. Perhaps you sell products people want immediate access to, such as over-the-counter medications. Whether you launched your business online to contain start-up costs or because of COVID-19, use the tips explored here to move your online business to a physical location.

Work with a realtor.

Commercial real estate agents help businesses find suitable locations for their operations. Once you clarify your priorities, your realtor will identify potential properties you can consider based on their location, size, cost, and amenities. Choosing a suitable location will impact your company’s ability to attract clientele, and you must take the time needed to find the proper facilities.

Create a security budget.


Physical business sites have distinct needs, such as building security. You’ll want to control access to your location, and installing smart access technology is a great way to manage access to your building. Check out the Swiftlane reviews to learn about the benefits of smart access technology. You can use facial-recognition software to control building access and take advantage of the keyless entry system so you don’t have to worry about replicating and distributing keys. These systems also have two-way audio and video systems that can be accessed via your smartphone app, meaning you don’t have to be on-site to interact with people at your company’s door asking for access. This is ideal if you expect a delivery or need to let a new employee into the building.

Identify essential items you’ll need.

Create a list of the essential items you’ll need. Employees will need workstations, desks, filing cabinets, shelves, and storage containers. You’ll need space for employees to sit during lunch breaks and may opt to install lockers where they can store personal belongings. You’ll also need resources to serve customers.

You’ll need a finance department no matter what type of business you run. Your payroll staff may use custom pocket folders to secure financial paperwork to present to potential investors. Foil-stamped folders can impress your board members and stakeholders when presenting them with revenue projections. Your finance department may also use tax folders to secure tax documents for employees and business tax reports. Employees may also need business cards they can distribute to clients. While furniture may be an obvious need, each department in your business will have distinct stationery needs and should list items required to ensure they have what they need when you open your location.

Work with an interior designer.


Interior designers use materials, colors, and textures to modify interior spaces. Your business needs to be safe and functional, but it should also appeal to clientele. Since you launched your business online, you should have a logo and business colors. Your interior designer can use those design features to create a cohesive interior design suited to your business needs. They can also help you select furniture and workplace equipment suited to your design aesthetic.

Create a marketing campaign.

It doesn’t matter how fantastic your physical location is if nobody knows about it. You should explore various marketing strategies and invest in promotion when launching your physical location. To reach residents, you may opt to use physical marketing, such as billboard ads and ads on public transit. Use local service ads online to raise your company’s profile and supplement physical ads with social media marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) marketing tactics to ensure you reach consumers searching for businesses online.

Moving your online business to a physical location involves finding a suitable location, investing in on-site security, and purchasing essential items employees need. You’ll also want to run a marketing campaign to promote your physical location.


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