Machines Used in Textile Sector of Pakistan

Textile Sector
Textile Sector

The textile sector in Pakistan is one of the largest manufacturing sectors in Pakistan that is exporting its product in a very good number to other countries for the world. This sector ranked as the 8th largest exporter of textile products in subcontinent Asia, it contributes around 8.5% in the GDP of Pakistan and providing employment approximately 45% of the total labor force in the country. Faisalabad, Multan, Lahore, Karachi and, some other cities of Punjab have manufacturing, spinning, weaving, stitching, dyeing, printing, and ginning units that are producing the large quantity of the textile products. This textile sector is growing day by day and is increasing its production quantity as well to fulfill the demand in Pakistan and in other countries too. As we have seen the technological revolution in almost every sector and machines are playing a big role in industries, the textile sector is also being influenced completely by the machines that are being used in the textile sector at every stage of the manufacturing form the making till the final stitched products.

Textile sectors are using several machines in their production line as per their requirement and their budget as well, below are some commonly used machines that play an impost role in the manufacturing of the fabric.

Woolen Mill Machines

This machine is the starting step for making the fabric and it does the important mechanization of arranging fibers of wool to develop yarn.

Thread Winding Machines

These are the machines that are used to wind the thread into the spool so that it can be used in the manufacturing process of fabric.

Bleaching or Dying Machines

After the manufacturing of the threads, the next process has been carried out by this machine to bleach or dye the threads in a different color as per the requirement for making the particular color of the fabric.

Scutching Machines

It is a separator machine that separate cotton seeds from cotton

Carding Machines 

These machines are used to manufacture the wool being made into yarn.

Spinning Machines

This machine is classifying the machines that are used in the last stages of yarn production. These yarns are woven or knitted to get fabric. The quality of yarn can influence the fabric quality and not too much can be done in the fabric formation process to hide the imperfections of the yarns.

Yarn Gassing Machines

These machines are used to heat the yarn for removing of excess fuzz and deepening the color 

Once the thread, yarn or fibers have been transformed from into usable material then there several other machines that come in the production line to further process these things and to make the finish textile products. Knitting machines, Weaving machines, Tufting Machines, Quilting Machines, Monogramming Machines, Embroidery Machines, and many other machines are used in the textile industry to produce a large number of textile products. After the significant demand in the machinery for the textile sector, suppliers also providing details for these machines online and the textile companies can check the details for the machines or suppliers easily. A company located in Karachi can check the embroidery machines for sale in Karachi for their embroidery unit easily with these online platforms. These online platforms are providing all types for machines that are used in the textile sectors from the manufacturing to stitching and from the stitching to the finishing level, for example, overlock machines for sale are also easily available on these platforms like other sewing or manufacturing machines. These machines are playing a big role in the production of the textile sector and making the textile sector to standout in the list of industries.


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