Lip fillers


Lip fillers are injectable fillers in the form of a gel that is injected under the surface to give the lips the desired shape or dimensions. The incoming gel fills the space in the soft tissues and is fixed in place, forming the desired relief. Depending on the composition of the lip filler, the effect can last from several months to numerous years.

Lip fillers are more pliable and fluid than cheekbone or chin features because they do not need to be rigid. If you should no medical indications for the use of fillers from the age of 20, then it is better to postpone cosmetic procedures using the mediction until a more mature age.

The cosmetology market offers a wide range of preparations for injectable cosmetic procedures. The gel should be selected taking into account the area that needs correction. This is an important aspect since in different parts of the face the skin has its thickness, structure, and features of blood supply.

Lip fillers should:

  • give sufficient volume;
  • make the resulting  natural;
  • be hypoallergenic;
  • do not give side reactions;
  • do not respond to changes in ambient temperature;
  • over time, excreted from the body.

What are the best lip fillers to choose from?

The best fillers for lip correction are drugs based on hyaluronic acid. This material binds water molecules, giving the volume and elasticity of the muscle. It rarely causes allergic effects and side effects, as it is essential to the human body. In extension, the gel is excreted from the shape after 6-12 months, which makes it easy to correct the effect of the method. So buy botox online 50 units easily. 

This indicator demonstrates the content of hyaluronic acid in mg per 1 g or 1 ml of the drug. The higher the number, the more substance the filler contains and the longer the result lasts. Manufacturers offer special lines of fillers designed to be injected into the lip tissue. They have the add-on “Lips” in their name.

How to inject lip filler?

Before the introduction of the filler, it is necessary to conduct a test to exclude an allergic reaction. After that:

  • An antiseptic solution is applied to the field.
  • At the request of the client, the injection position is anesthetized (some gels immediately involve an anesthetic).
  • The drug is injected into the tissue with a thin needle (the method of administration depends on the desired effect).

The purpose of filler correction

The main purpose of using gels is to correct the form and size of the lips. They become plump, tender, and attractive.

Contraindications to the introduction of features

The main contraindications are:

  • an allergic effect to the drug;
  • inflammatory skin diseases at the injection site;
  • infectious pathologies in the acute stage;
  • diabetes;
  • oncological diseases;
  • mental disorders.

In the presence of these problems, it is strictly forbidden to carry out the procedure, since this can harm the health of the client.


The lip augmentation method with fillers attracts many girls and women who dream of correcting the natural shape and increasing the plumpness of their lips. For you to be satisfied with the result, our experts suggest choosing a cosmetology clinic and high-quality filler carefully!

Taking all of the above into account, the next recommendations for the introduction of lip fillers may be made:

  • The term of the effect depends on the characteristics of the cross-linking of hyaluronic acid and the presence of additional bonds between the molecules.
  • It is worth giving preference to proven brands that have long established themselves in the market.
  • The drug and dose must be selected strictly individually for each client so buy lip fillers online to see the effect.


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