Lean Six Sigma: The Best Approach for Upgrading Your Business

Lean Six Sigma

It takes courage to build a business, especially since the world is still experiencing the Covid pandemic. It is still uncertain when this health crisis will end. The economy has taken a big hit, and some businesses are closing down or have to close down. Everyone is suffering, but with vaccines already rolling out and getting distributed, that hope of getting back to normal life is much more possible than it used to. So, since you dare to build a business despite the pandemic, you have to prepare and plan accordingly so that it can endure.

From procuring capital to hiring the right people for the right job, creating your own business can be very difficult with what is still happening now. It is all too exhausting if you think about it.

That being said, one of the best approaches you can do for your business, especially during this time, would be the Lean Six Sigma approach. If you are unfamiliar with this, then continue reading so that you can help your business reach its best potential.

By Definition

Lean Six Sigma is composed of two methodologies which are Lean and Six Sigma. Lean focuses on identifying and gradually eliminating the waste in the work and processes of companies, while the Six Sigma approach focuses on the variation in the processes of the work and eliminating them. If the variation is gone, then Six Sigma can easily predict results. Easily predicted results are then determined from a customer’s perspective if they are acceptable, eliminating errors in the process. Even though the two are different, their methods can complement each other. 

This methodology has been created to eliminate problems, waste, and inefficiency so a company can improve their working conditions to have better customer response and satisfy their needs by combining tools and principles from both Lean and Six Sigma, making your business’s operation more powerful.

Here are some points on how this methodology can help your business:

.It Simplifies Processes

Lean Six Sigma approach maps your business processes and identifies the areas that produce waste and inefficiency. These are then removed, making the process more simplified and manageable. Simple processes cost less, which will increase your overall profit.

.Mistakes and Errors Are Lessened

Since it is the customer’s perspective that is used to define the quality, improvements are made by taking the problems customers face into account. This will let you focus on the issues that matter the most to your business and improve your customer satisfaction.

.Business Performance Becomes Predictable

Since simplified processes are easier and more manageable, it will reduce the variations in them. Because of this, processes become more predictable, which is extremely helpful in today’s modern time. Technology is constantly advancing, and customer expectations change because of this and other advances made to satisfy people. Your business might become unstable because of all this, and without predictability, it will be hard for your business to adapt and sustain customer satisfaction.  

The perfect business does not come to you like some dream come true. You have to work hard for your business to grow. Use this methodology to achieve that and make your business reach its potential. Do what you can for your business to endure this pandemic and good luck.


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