Keep Your Spa Balanced With Chemicals


Many people would wallow in the warm, soothing waters of a spa sitting among nature in the fresh air with only relaxation on their minds. The appeal can fade rather quickly when you consider what can happen if you neglect adequate care and upkeep.

Once you understand the maintenance, keeping the hot tub functioning optimally is relatively simple. The goal is to keep the water clear and safe. This way, you can maximize entertaining friends or simply enjoy a cool drink after a long day in quiet tranquility and minimize how much cost and time goes into it.

The suggestion is to check with your hot tub retailer for precise details on your model for care and upkeep since filter systems can vary from one manufacturer to another. Plus, buy hot tub chemicals online following the regimen as directed. Consider these basic suggestions when maintaining your spa.

Minimize Your Spa’s Maintenance Regimen To Maximize Your Fun

When you invest in a top-of-the-line spa, the care and upkeep of the system are crucial. The water should remain crystal clear and safe. That requires balancing the chemicals adequately. 

Before engaging in any maintenance, it’s suggested to research the model to educate on the specific guidelines for that particular hot tub since filters can vary per manufacturer. Once you learn the process, it boasts of being relatively easy from that point. 

Consider these general directives on maintaining a spa after purchase. The first step is ensuring you purchase a quality product. Go to for guidance on hot tub maintenance, and then let’s review a few key points.

. Purchase from a reputable retailer

The maintenance of a spa can be minimized based on the system’s quality and the retailer’s reputation. The priority is to receive the most reliable hot tub from a knowledgeable, trusted retailer offering top-notch on-site parts with a “labor warranty.”

The retailer should be able to provide easy-to-understand care guidelines with the opportunity for you to return with any questions or concerns should there be any problems. 

You’ll want to reconsider the deal if the provider can’t offer adequate water-care details. The retailer and manufacturer will be vital throughout the life of your system. If either is unreliable from the beginning, it’s not a relationship you want to pursue.

. Balancing the chemicals is important

Once you receive the spa from an experienced, qualified retailer and have your garden oasis designated, a maintenance regimen will be established by daily water testing. By developing this habit, you can ensure the chemicals are adequately balanced. 

These will include the sanitizer, either bromine or chlorine and the pH rating. Alkalinity needs to be maintained within industry parameters as well. If the balance is off, it can be detrimental to the hot tub and unsafe. 

The water needs to be tested before getting into the water in the same vein as you would with a pool.

Easy strip testing will let you know if you need to add chemicals to level out the parameters. As a safety priority, manufacturer packaging directions should be followed stringently when working with spa chemicals or storing them.

. Additional chemical treatments each month

Aside from the daily testing and balancing chemicals as part of your hot tub’s maintenance regimen, a monthly routine is also required, possibly more frequently, depending on how much you use the system. 

A clarifying agent assists with water clarity after a group gathering or heavy usage. The instructions are provided on the label. Another clarifying agent is the “Scale and Stain Inhibiting” product for scale formation prevention and clear water. These two substances should be added on different days.

Oxidizing, also called “shock dosing,” is another monthly maintenance task but will usually be done more often. You can use either a non-chlorine or chlorine treatment. The chlorine helps to sanitize the water while eliminating waste following excessive use.

It helps rid the water of bacteria that could have become resistant to standard sanitizer levels and oxidizes “biological impurities.” While this is suggested monthly or with frequent use, it’s also recommended when initially filling the spa. Click for details on how many chemicals to use when refilling a spa.

You want to avoid chlorine with each shock; overuse can be harsh for the plumbing system.

Final Thought

In addition to these few steps, you’ll be given care instructions from your retailer on cleaning the filter and hot tub and ensuring the spa water is kept well-circulated. Every year, preventive maintenance is a primary part of quality hot tub care and upkeep.

A specialist should be scheduled to inspect the system for defects or damages with a tuneup to ensure it’s functioning at peak performance. These providers will catch issues early before they become major problems and significant expenses. Contact your retailer for this provision.


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